All I Wanted Was Spray Paint

I had one goal, just one. All I wanted was spray paint from Walmart. That’s it. In and out.

Unfortunately, I decided to go through the garden center.

Why? Because it’s less crowded, right?

gold spray paint

It was less crowded, it also had a HUGE sale on patio furniture. That I didn’t need!!!

Y’all know that I can’t pass up a good sale.

love least

The first thing I saw was this sweet love seat. $20.00, y’all!!!

Remember, I said that I didn’t need it?

Well, my sister does!

I know this, because I’ve been telling her that she needs it for over a year now.

Her front porch is really bare and empty.

I sat in it and it sat well, but it needed a cushion.

All I wanted was spray paint

As I was running toward the Walmart salesperson to tell her I wanted the love seat, I saw that they had their cushions on sale.

I found this red one that was MADE for the love seat. $10.00!

Guys, I couldn’t get to the checkout section to pay for it fast enough.

All I wanted was spray paint

At the check out section they had the cutest pillows.

You guessed it, on sale. $2.00 each.

I picked up the whole love seat, cushion and pillows for under $38.00.

That’s a steal!!!!

In all my hyperventilating euphoria, I am proud to say that I did remember to pick up the spray paint.


Now, here’s where things went sideways.

I went home and finished spray painting a gate that I was using for office organization.

If missed it you can see the finished project here.

I sent everyone I knew and their momma pictures of my great deal.

The Hubs promptly send back an email asking why I didn’t buy myself anything.

In this house, I interpret that as an invitation to spend!


I went back to Walmart and I bought 2 of these.

Patio set

And this!

I’ve been wanting a table for the partio for awhile now.


Getting all of this into my Explorer was like putting 20 clowns in a clown car.

However, two Walmart workers and myself managed to fit it all in.

When The Hubs got off work, we quickly pulled it out of the car.

Only to discover that the box fell apart, it has 4 chair supports, 1 table tile, a billion screws and a flange missing.

Maybe I missed a box?

Back to Walmart.

No, they were sure that there wasn’t a box missing.

All wanted was spray Paint

However, we could return all 5000 pieces.


However, The Hubs came to the rescue.

He called the company who makes the dining set and they are sending us the missing parts.


So for now, all 5000 pieces are sitting on the patio and we are just waiting on the parts.

Sigh. Y’all, all I wanted was spray paint!

Until next time….



  1. Oh my gosh!! This post is my kind of nirvana! Especially with the hubster’s comment (I interpret just like you do, must be universal language of married couples). And your comment of “I did remember to pick up the spray paint”….classic.
    Way to go on getting the company to send the lost parts…for free!
    I was at the grocery yesterday and all their outdoor furniture was half off…..I was so tempted, but hubster kept walking. In the universal language of married couples, I took that as a no).

    1. Nirvana is the perfect word Rita. LOL! I think if the hubster is walking it is definitely a NO! Thinking that at this point The Hubs is wishing he had not commented at all. Good thing the man loves me.

    1. Good luck Cindy! Be sure and share what you find. I love to live through others great shopping finds…

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