My Pink Chair

I love My Pink Chair! Seriously. I’m kind of in shock that I even have one.

My Pink Chair

My friend Shelli brought me one of her dumpster diving finds. This old, worn chair.  The girl is a genius at finding good stuff! Unfortunately, when I got it the only thing good I could say about this chair was that it had great bones and it didn’t smell. The existing upholstery had to go.

my pink chair 1

I let the chair sit for  a few weeks while I started looking for material to reupholster it. I wanted material that was really neutral to recover the chair and then hopefully sell it.

I was at Hob Lob when I saw this fabulous pink material that reminded me of the guest room that I have just started redecorating.  I loved the material the minute I saw it. I love polka dots. I love pink. It was meant to be!

My pink chair 2

The first thing I needed to do was to get rid of the old material. Unfortunately, when I removed the old material, I found that one of the supporting back braces was broken. Thankfully the Hubs was able to repair it for me.

My pink chair 4

Once the chair was repaired, I gave it a couple of coats of white paint, a tiny bit of distressing, followed by a topcoat of wax. My sweet little chair was ready to upholster.

I am no expert at reupholstering by any means so I won’t bore you with the instructions on how to reupholster a channel back chair. There are a ton of really great instructions for you to look at on Youtube and Pinterest if you are interested.

My pink chair 5

Ta Da!!! May I present – my pink chair!  If anyone had told me that I would have a pink chair, I would have told them they were crazy. I love pink, but I have never used it in home decor before.

My pink chair 7

This chair has a party goin’ on in the back! It is simple but filled with fun. My kind of chair!

My pink chair 8

When you look a the side view you can really see all of the detail. I love the pink ruffle with the white gimp on top of it. It gives the chair a little more of a designer feel to it!

My pink chair 6jpg

I have to say that after I added the ruffle and gimp to the arms and back of the chair, I loved it so much that it was hard for me to stop  adding the ruffle everywhere, however I managed to  restrained myself!

I have to say that I love my pink chair and I can’t believe that I didn’t consider putting a chair like this in the new guest room from the beginning.

my pink chair 9jpg

Here are a few of my inspiration pieces for the room. The guest room will mainly be the colors of navy and white with shots of hot pink and gold.

I’m still working on a few final decisions. Like should I paint the furniture white or navy?

my pink chair 10

Should the artwork be fun and crazy like this pink flamingo painting? Or should I go for more traditional art? Which nightstand should I use? I have two choices: a white one or a navy one?

I ‘m in no hurry to make all of those decisions, so for today I’m going to be like Scarlett and think about that tomorrow!


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  1. Tammy!
    This is fabulous, I mean totally fabulous and wonderful!
    Besides being the best fabric choice just look at your talent!
    I wish you were to help me with my furniture:)

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