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Red, White and Blue Table

This year, for some reason, I really got into decorating with red, white and blue for the summer months.

red white and blue 12 Which is really strange.  I don’t usually choose those colors.  My red, white and blue table is a good example of this.

red white and blue 9

My obsession with red, white and blue started with a trip to the Dollar Tree. I found these bright, navy blue place mats and  deep dish red star plates. They are super cute and versatile. My littles will love them too!

red white and blue 8

After the Dollar Tree, I stopped by my local Kroger and saw these palates and I was hooked!  I love them because they aren’t your typical stars and stripes, but they are still the red, white and blue colors that I love. Out with the star plates, bring on the new plates!

The navy plate reminded me of a bandana. That led to a trip to Walmart  to pick up some red bandanas to use as napkins. I like that the bandanas are big, easily washed and only cost $1.00 each.

red white and blue 4

At this point, I was feeling a little country farmhouse vibe. I pulled out mason jars and loaded them up with my napkins, silverware, straws and I added an American flag for a little fun. My kitchen table is small. Putting everything into the mason jar leaves plenty of room on the table for other things – like food!

red white and blue 11

Since I had used the mason jars for glasses, I chose to use them again in my centerpiece. I don’t remember where I bought this mason jar metal holder with the mason jars, but I have used it for just about everything. The lids have floral frogs built into them. “Frogs” make arranging flowers super easy!

I popped in some faux red geraniums and added a white and blue striped bow. My centerpiece was done. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

red white and blue 3

I love my red, white and blue table. It’s perfect for this time of year.

red white and blue 2

I have a confession to make.  Before I pulled out the mason jars and put the napkins inside of them, I was going to use these white napkin rings with blue antiquing.  I like the white napkin rings. There are so many things that you can add to them. In the photo above, I wrapped a red, white and blue star garland around the ring.

red white and blue 1

At this place setting I added red washi tape to the napkin ring for a little color.

Red white and blue

What is the best thing about using washi tape? There is no permanent commitment.  Don’t like the look or want to change the color?  Simply peel off the tape.  Which is perfect for all of you decorating commitment phobes out there!

red white and blue 3

While red, white and blue are not my favorite colors, right now they are my favorite summer colors. They are bold, bright and fun. To me that is what summer is all about!


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