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My Pumpkin Patch is Growing

P 10

I am addicted! Yeah, I have crossed over into land of crazy! My pumpkin patch is growing.  I can’t stop making them. Black ones, white ones, turquoise ones… I make them for me, I make them for my friends,and I make them for my relatives. About the time I think I am done, I realize that I haven’t made one for my great Aunt Eunice. Wait! Do I even have a great Aunt Eunice?P 4

Thank goodness Michael’s pumpkins are no longer 60% off. They have gone down to a mere 50% off this week. And let me be the first to tell you that it has not slowed my pumpkin buying down at all. I think my husband is ready to hold an intervention for me.

P 2

These are my latest creations. I would tell you that they are my favorites of all time, but let’s face it I say that with all of them until I make a new one.


The problem is that they are so dang easy to make.  For these ones I painted the stem gold.

P 8

Then using a circular sponge, I painted circles on to the pumpkin. I applied gold glitter before the paint dried to give it a little sparkle!


For my “Boo” pumpkin I drew the lettering onto transfer paper. Flip the paper over and with a pencil color over the lettering. Position the lettering where you want it on the pumpkin and trace over the lettering. The graphite will transfer to the pumpkin where you traced. Then just paint your letters on.


Just add a bow and you are done! So. darn. easy. Some of the pumpkins shown here may or may not be given as gifts.

If I gift pumpkins I will be able to make more! Right? Which makes me wonder – is there a Pumkin makers anonymous?

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