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My Redneck Pool

pool 9

Remember when I shared my patio cover and new lights this year and you could see part of a “crop circle” in the photo?  The crop circle is the pad for my redneck pool. ( It’s only redneck because I thrive on super tacky pool decor!)

I am a water dog. Texas summers have three temperatures – hot, humid and hotter. Some days I feel more like a lizard on a rock rather than a water dog. So a pool is high on this girls priorities.  We plan on moving in the next couple of years so an in the ground pool just doesn’t make sense financially. So  I did the next best thing, I bought a above ground  redneck pool. The Hubs hates it. He really does. It is big, takes up a ton of room and it is a big gray blob that I decorate in the tackiest way possible. The first year I put plants all around it and about 25 pink flamingos. I didn’t think the Hubs could hate it more, but I was wrong!

pool 11

Somewhere on Pinterest a long time ago, (I wish I knew who to give credit to!)  I saw where  they wrapped the pool in reed fencing. No more gray blob.  I ordered the reed fencing on-line from Home Depot and wrapped that baby up! The reed fencing was taller than my pool but it was super easy to cut it off with scissors. It took four panels to go around the pool, we tied them together using jute twine. That’s it. It was just that easy. pool 12

I had also seen on Pinterest where they had made a shelving unit using two pallets and a board. A girl needs a place to put her drink, towels etc. No pallets here at the castle, so The Hubs built me one using pressure treated lumber. I added some fun lights and we were in business!

pool 7

Of course you know I wasn’t gonna leave it like that!  I was at the Dollar tree and found these super cute and colorful tubs. Score! Michaels had their spring flowers on sale 70% off which made these about .30 each. The 1.50 bin had these chalkboard tags. Really cute bins for just under $2.00!

pool 6

Just tie the tag on…

pool 4

And  hot glue on the cute flower!

Pool 3

They are perfect for all of the extra pool stuff. And they are super cute!!!!

pool 1

I also bought this super tacky hula girl. She makes me smile! Solar powered, she hulas all of the time.


Here is the finished pool area. I love it. Does The Hubs love it? No. But even he admits that it is a little less of a redneck pool.

pool 2

This is the perfect pool for me right now. Cool, wet, fun with just enough tacky to make me happy!

pool c

It even has a nighttime light show – I love my redneck pool!

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