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Small Black Table

black table 10

If you haven’t noticed before, I love navy. Years ago I had a ton of navy in my house. Then the red, gold, and green trend came along and I reluctantly waved good-bye to all of my navy. Well, things have come full circle and navy is back, jack! In the next few months I will be redecorating one of my guest rooms and guess what color I am doing? Yup, Navy! Navy, white and gold. I have this small black table that I have had for years that needed a little TLC. This post is about how a cute small black table became a navy rock star!

black table

I bought this small – it is really small- black table at Bombay years ago. It had a cherry wood finish back then. A little wear and tear and I painted it black – which I loved, until it landed in my sons room.

black table 1

You can’t see it very well in the pic, but it had gotten wet or something- no one seems to know exactly what (eye roll!) -and it “bubbled”up. Plus, some of the paint had been pulled off of the top. Time for a serious makeover.

black table3

Usually when I use chalk paint I don’t need to sand, but since I had the “bubble” syndrome going I gave it a good sanding with my hand sander. All of the white spots? That is where the paint had bubbled. After sanding I gave it two coats of Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue.

black table 4

Another thing that I LOVE  to do is give the inside and sides of a drawer a different color of paint from the main body. Makes me happy every time I open one. Don’t judge – it’s the little things! I painted the drawer face two coats of Annie Sloan Pure White.

black table 5

Then gave the interior and the sides of the drawer a couple of coats of hot pink paint.

black table 7

At this point it was cute, but I wanted to add a little pop. I painted the edges of the table top and the drawer a coat of true gold to match the pull. Perfect!

black table 8

The drawer is so darn cute…. I love everything about it. Except… the pull. It was too tiny.

black table 9

I had this pull left over from another project and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t sure that I was gonna like the style of it, but I really do love it. It gives it more weight and makes the painted gold accents feel like they had always been there. I really, really love it now.

In the next few months I will be giving a lot of the furniture in the guest room a total makeover. Some will be painted like my small black table – or should I say my beautiful navy, white and gold rockstar of a table!

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  1. The table turned out so beautiful, it’s just stunning! I am about to paint a bed for my grand daughter. She wants it hot pink, just like the inside of your drawer. Can you tell me the recipe you used to get that amazing pop of pink?!? I’ve seen so many pinks made with AS and they seem kind of flat or dull. I love your pink! Please share your recipe! Thanks!

    1. Coni,
      I actually spray painted the drawers with a Krylon hot pink. I am like you, I wanted a bright color but couldn’t get it with the chalk paint. I did, however, find a clay paint made by Junk Gypsy that is similar to ASP that has gorgeous bright colors. (I will be sharing some of my projects with those soon!) I hope this helps!

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