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black table 10

If you haven’t noticed before, I love navy. Years ago I had a ton of navy in my house. Then the red, gold, and green trend came along and I reluctantly waved good-bye to all of my navy. Well, things have come full circle and navy is back, jack! In the next few months I will be redecorating one of my guest rooms and guess what color I am doing? Yup, Navy! Navy, white and gold. I have this small black table that I have had for years that needed a little TLC. This post is about how a cute small black table became a navy rock star!

black table

I bought this small – it is really small- black table at Bombay years ago. It had a cherry wood finish back then. A little wear and tear and I painted it black – which I loved, until it landed in my sons room.

black table 1

You can’t see it very well in the pic, but it had gotten wet or something- no one seems to know exactly what (eye roll!) -and it “bubbled”up. Plus, some of the paint had been pulled off of the top. Time for a serious makeover.

black table3

Usually when I use chalk paint I don’t need to sand, but since I had the “bubble” syndrome going I gave it a good sanding with my hand sander. All of the white spots? That is where the paint had bubbled. After sanding I gave it two coats of Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue.

black table 4

Another thing that I LOVE  to do is give the inside and sides of a drawer a different color of paint from the main body. Makes me happy every time I open one. Don’t judge – it’s the little things! I painted the drawer face two coats of Annie Sloan Pure White.

black table 5

Then gave the interior and the sides of the drawer a couple of coats of hot pink paint.

black table 7

At this point it was cute, but I wanted to add a little pop. I painted the edges of the table top and the drawer a coat of true gold to match the pull. Perfect!

black table 8

The drawer is so darn cute…. I love everything about it. Except… the pull. It was too tiny.

black table 9

I had this pull left over from another project and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t sure that I was gonna like the style of it, but I really do love it. It gives it more weight and makes the painted gold accents feel like they had always been there. I really, really love it now.

In the next few months I will be giving a lot of the furniture in the guest room a total makeover. Some will be painted like my small black table – or should I say my beautiful navy, white and gold rockstar of a table!

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Tammy from Patina and Paint