My Schizophrenic Foot Stool

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I have a Schizophrenic foot stool.  I bought it at a yard sale and it was originally painted white with eyelet lace covering the cushion.  I bought it thinking that I could use it to sit on, at my vanity. The style wasn’t really me, it needed a little facelift.


bench 2


Plan B: It went from white to this really pretty steel blue that I have in my bathroom.  I covered it in a steel blue and white paisley print.  ( I had pictures but for the life of me I cannot find them… next project – picture organization!)  One HUGE problem though, it was too tall! After much gnashing of teeth and hair pulling I left Plan B and went to Plan C! A footstool/extra table for my living room!

As you can see above, I was in the process of spray painting this schizophrenic foot stool a lovely metallic gold when I took this picture!


bench 1


I used the same material  to cover the seat that I had used to make zipper pillow covers for my new sofa pillows.  Lots of jewel tones and just a hint of gold!


Zipper Pillow


Here is a picture of the material if you missed my post on How to Make a Zipper Pillow Cover!

So now my stool has a really pretty gold legs and a beautiful top.  But, it lacked something. It just didn’t have the pizzaz that I was looking for. And then it hit me…  Mongolian Lambs Wool Fur.  Hey don’t judge!  Give it a chance – step out of the box! Seriously, I had seen a beautiful stool at a furniture store recently that had this wonderful fur on the seat cushion part and was dying to find something to put it on in my house.  When this came up, I knew it would be perfect!!


furry stool 2


Pland D: So I quickly ordered some on-line and recovered the seat cushion- again! Here they ( schizophrenic – remember?)  they are in all their glory!


Furry stool


Here it is at another angle. A little swanky, a little blingy, a whole lot of fun!  After it having four different lives that I can personally account for, I figured it had to be a schizophrenic foot stool!  I love it today, but who knows what it will look like tomorrow.

Getting close to being able to show you my finished living room – soon. Really soon.

Until next time….



Tammy from Patina and Paint

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