Annie Sloan Napoleanic Blue Media Cabinet

Media room collage
I have been looking for a cabinet for my media room for awhile.  Something to hide all of the wires and components and cords – I really, really, really hate cords!  I’ve been looking so long that I had kinda forgotten that I even wanted one.  Then I get a text from my friends Laura and Nichola:


sprint screen


They were having a garage sale at the private school where they work and were kind enough to think of me when they saw furniture!  Rockstars! This is how I got my Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue media cabinet.


media stand 5


I took the Hubs to help me pick the credenza up and as we were driving home he asked me what I was going to do with it.  Hmmm… not really sure. He thought it would make a great media cabinet!  Well, duh!  Of course it would!!!  As soon as I got home I quickly took it apart and cleaned it up.


media stand 4


My media room is navy and gold.  Navy walls, navy and gold curtains, pale gold-ish sofa…. We started out with a ginormous big screen TV. Over time the Hubs put in a projector and screen, which meant lots of components, surround sound, wires, remote controls and various other things that I can’t even begin to learn how to work!  Hence the need for the cabinet. I wanted the cabinet to blend in as it would be directly under the projection screen.  No one wants to try and watch a movie and have the furniture below scream “LOOK AT ME!”  So I decided to use Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue.  One of my favorite colors!


media stand 3


After two coats, a little distressing of the edges and a coat of wax.  I let it dry overnight.  The next morning I couldn’t wait to burnish the wax to create that beautiful patina.  And bonus!  I got to use my newest tool – a burnishing brush that you can attach to a drill.  It gives it that beautiful shine in half the time.  Love it.  Although it does occasionally leave brush marks.


media stand 2


So I used my manual burnishing brush, after using the drill  brush, to give it that really smooth even finish. Even with having to go back over the finish to even out a few spots, it was still done in record time!


media stand


Here you can see a few uneven spots on the front doors before evening it out.  I also decided since it was the media room I could go  a little over the top and use VERY gold hardware.


Media room 2


Here it is in the media room. I still have a few more things to do to get it all set up like I want it, but I have to say that it really is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house.  Ok, so MAYBE it is because it hides all of the cords… but I still love how it co-ordinates with the rest of the room!


until next time…




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