My Trip To IKEA

When my son recently asked if I would make a trip to IKEA with him, of course I said yes! Who could turn down the opportunity to spend time with their son and shop at the same time? Not me.  How did my trip to IKEA turn out?

My Trip to IKEA

Pretty well, if I do say so myself! I bought a towel bar, a paper dispenser, cutting boards, and a door mat. Needless to say I could have bought so much more!

My Trip to IKEA

I promise to let you in on all of my plans for my haul , but today I want to share the towel bar project with you!

Kitchen Island

For about a year now,  I have had plans for my kitchen island.

I was going to paint it the same blue as the kitchen walls.

And I wanted to find a black towel bar to hang on the end of the island for my kitchen towels.

I haven’t completed this projects for two main reasons.

First of all the thought of painting this island again makes me a little crazy. It’s been stained and painted white, red and black. I’ve added trim all the way around and hung architectural details on it. That’s a lot!

Second, I haven’t found a towel bar that I liked that was the right size!

The Hubs suggested that I just buy one and he would cut it down to size. Yes!

Kitchen oven

You may be wondering why I want a towel bar in the kitchen.

Why, to hang my pretty kitchen towels!

Right now the only place to hang them is on the kitchen oven and dishwasher handles.

Every time I open one of these the towels slide off.

No fun at all!

My Trip to IKEA

I just want to say right now that nothing went according to plan.

I found the perfect black rod at IKEA that The Hubs would easily be able to cut down.

Then just to the left of the black rod was this beautiful stainless steel rod that reminded me of my kitchen appliances.  Yep. I bought the stainless rod!

Once we got the rod home, The Hubs started measuring the island to cut down the rod.

He mentioned that IF I wanted to let the rod extend past the trim, it would not need to be cut down and he thought it would look pretty good too.

Kitchen Island

He was right!

kitchen island

So, the island stayed black and the rod is stainless.

I couldn’t love it more. It’s functional and pretty!

I promise to share the rest of the projects from my trip to IKEA soon.

Until next time…..










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