Mason Jar Door Hanger

Have you noticed all of the cute door hangers lately? They are everywhere! If you haven’t  just check out Pinterest. It certainly has a ton to look at for inspiration. I’ve been looking for a small gift to give my sweet sisters and came across the perfect thing. A Mason Jar Door Hanger!

door hangers

I found several cute mason jar door hangers but none were exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own!

wooden board

First, I drew a pattern for The Hubs to use to cut out the wooden door hangers for me.

Using the dimensions of the pattern, he cut several pieces of wood out all the same size.

wooden cut out

Then he taped all of the wooden pieces together.

Using spray adhesive to adhere the pattern to the stacked wood, he then cut all five door hangers out for me at one time.

I tell you the man is a genius! lol!

After a quick sand, the cutouts were ready to paint.

mason jar door hanger

I gave each cutout a couple of coats of white spray paint on both sides. This ensured that the paint would go on evenly and that the back would be finished.

Now they were ready to paint.

I didn’t tell my sisters what I was painting, just that I was painting a door hanger.

What color would they like it to be?

What greeting would they like?

When one sister said red! I about had a heart attack, but then I remembered that they do make red mason jars.

Once I had finished painting the door hangers, I gave each a couple of coats of satin glaze for protection from the weather.

door hangers


Here they are. I have to say that I love my mason jar door hanger.

I’m surprised but I love all three colors, even the red.

door hanger

Of course, I had to make one for myself.

I love the light blue against my navy door!

I enjoyed making these so much, I’m already thinking of designs for a summer door hanger.

Until next time….



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