New Art in the Powder Room

original art in powder room

Okay… all I have to say was what was I thinking? Or why didn’t I think of this sooner. When I gave the powder room a facelift awhile back I searched high and low for new art in the powder room. And found nothing that I loved so I kept the art I had.

Which wasn’t bad, just okay.

And just to get on my last good nerve the prints NEVER hung level.

It drove me crazy!

Botanical art book

And then as I was cleaning up for Christmas in the library, I came across this book.

I had purchased it years ago specifically with the intent of cut out some of the prints for framed art in my black and white bedroom.

I immediately knew that there were would be prints inside that would match the powder bath room perfectly.

Insert a huge head slap here!

Adding a picture hanger to a frame

I took down the frames and decided to address the crooked elephant in the room first.

As you can see the tabs that were meant to hand this frame from were all ragged.

No wonder why they were always crooked.

This was an easy fix.

I simply added a saw tooth picture hanger to the top.

cutting out print from a book

Once I found the art prints that I wanted from the book I cut them out using a sharp craft knife.

touching up a black frame

Then it was just a matter of taping the prints to the back of the photo mats and inserting them back into the frames.

TIP: In our move one of the frames had a few scuffs on it. I fixed this by touching up the scratches with a permanent black marker.  You can’t tell the scratches were there unless you look super hard.

And if you are looking that hard we have other issues! lol!

Framed prints

So how do they look hung up?

I LOVE my new art in the powder room.

Again, wondering why I didn’t think of this sooner.

New Art In the Powder room

Not only do they match the powder room design perfectly, they cost me zero money, AND they hang straight too!

Life is good at the Castle!

I hope that you will check back in tomorrow when the Decorate With Us team is sharing different ways to decorate an entry.

On Friday I have a fun Valentine’s project for you.

Until next time…


New Art in the Powder Room

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