What’s On Your …Entry Table

entry decorHappy Wednesday! Today we are back with the series “What’s On Your…” where viewers ask us what is on a specific item in our home.  So today we are focusing on What’s On Your Entry Table.

Pictured above is the “before” on how I usually have my entry decorated.

And I love how it looks, however just to prove that there are always multiple ways to decorate I thought that I’d change it up a little.

Lamp on a console

Step 1

I think that the wall behind your table or in my case console is a part of your design.

So whether it’s a mirror, piece of art, or architectural piece I like to hang something in the center of my console.

I chose to use this mirror because it’s a great way to spread light around a small, dark room as well as check you appearance before leaving the house.

Once this area is done, it’s time to decorate the top of the console.

Lamp on a console

Step 2

I love a little low lighting in this area so I almost always add a lamp to my entry console.

Since my door opens into the console, I am placing this lamp on the furthest point on the console from the door.

This makes it easy to access the lamp when stepping into the room from the front door.

This gold lamp that looks like a tree branch with a small gold bird is a favorite of mine!

Here’s a similar lamp since I’ve had mine a very long time.

If you are up for a splurge then there is this fun lamp.

Lamp and candlesticks on a console

Step 3

Once you have your table lamp placed, it’s time to address the opposite end of the console.

I used a pair of candlesticks to do that.

Again, I’ve had mine a very long time so here’s a set of five that are similar.

Decor on an entry table

Step 4

We have the focal point ( the mirror) on the wall AND we have each end anchored with a lamp and candlesticks, so now it’s time to decorate the middle of the console.

I chose to use two different sized and shaped art pieces.

One is on a gold easel to elevate it and the other is free standing.

I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, but here are some other prints that I think are fabulous.

Art and tray on an entry table

Step 5

The last thing that I am going to add to my console is a low gold metal tray to hold keys, sunglasses etc.

Once again, I’ve had this one forever so I just spray painted it gold to match the room.

However, I did see this one and I love it.

What's on your entry table

So which one is your favorite?

This one?

entry decor

Or this one?

It’s super hard for me to choose!

If you would like to see what’s on your entry table in video you can see it here.

Also, I’d like to remind you to head on over to Terrie’s and Teresa’s to see how she decorated her entry bench!

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What's On Your Entry Table

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  1. Both are so beautiful Tammy! I honestly couldn’t choose if I had too!
    That wall paper is amazing.. Everything just blends so perfectly! Great job!

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