New Artwork at the Castle

I’ve got new artwork at the castle and I couldn’t be happier! I saw this print for sale a few years ago and fell in love.  It reminds me of two of my most favorite things. Sadie my black lab and the beach.

I tried to order it and found out that it was out of stock.  Disappointment was an understatement.

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to buy more artwork for the castle. More stuff I loved, less stuff that I settled for because it worked okay in  a space.

A few weeks ago, I remembered this print and wondered if I could find it again. I was so excited when I did find it and couldn’t get my credit card out of my purse fast enough to get it ordered.

I quickly ordered this white frame from Amazon. The frame is beautiful, however it didn’t go well with the print.  It seemed to small for the space where I wanted to hang it. I felt like it needed to be bigger and I wanted it to have a mat to give it a little more weight.

After looking all over and not finding anything that was in my budget or that I liked,  I hit the decorating closet and found these two prints. I had bought them from my BFF’s garage sale a few years ago, but had never used them.  Loved the frame and prints, but didn’t care for the tan mat. So they sat in my closet until now.

With a little makeover for the frame and the mat, I knew that it would be perfect for my new artwork.

I cut the back paper away from the frame.

Removed the mat from the frame and painted the mat white.

I spray painted the white frame black and then put the whole thing back together with my new print.

This is the final artwork with the “new” mat and frame.

For now, it is in a small nook in my dining room, although I think I may be moving it soon. I love the simplicity of the black and white against the print. Now it is the perfect size and visual weight for the print.

So what did I do with the original white frame?

I had this print sitting in my closet just waiting for the right place and frame! It was perfect for this artwork.

It’s so good to have new artwork at the castle.  And I love it. Mark one of my New Years resolutions off of my list!



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