Working on the Patio

The weather has been perfect here in Texas lately, so I’ve been working on the patio. I have been spray painting anything that looks even the slightest bit tired and worn. Sadly, I’m going to be here awhile!

Spray painting isn’t the only work on the patio. If a little TLC couldn’t revive anything that looked a little tired and worn, it went into the trash. I have been ruthless!

The first thing that I replaced was last years coir mat. It had definitely seen better days. Not even CPR was going to breath life back into this mat.

I have been keeping an eye out for a new one, but hadn’t seen anything that I loved until today. I love everything about this mat.  The price was beyond perfect. The color matches the patio cushions that I bought last year.

My new mat also looks good with the area rug on the patio.  It is perfect!

One of the first things that I spray painted was the mason jar candle holders. For years the mason jars  were clear. I love the blue colors in the mat and my cushions so much that I wanted to spread the blue color around the patio a little more.

I also spray painted the black metal holders that the mason jars rested in.  Before painting them, they looked more charcoal than black.

Next up on the spray painting spree was the blue metal candle holder. It used to be a turquoise color, however over time it was a rusted, faded mess.

On a side note, remember my sharing the geraniums I bought on the half price isle at Lowe’s with you a few weeks ago? Don’t they look wonderful? They certainly have filled in and are looking healthy.

I’ll be honest, the wind has kept me from finishing up on my spray paint to do list. I still have a few planters, decorations and the outdoor light fixture to spruce up. Once I’m finished working on the patio, it’s on to planting around the pond!

Word from the weatherman is that the next few days are going to be perfect weather for working in the yard. I can’t wait!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


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  1. Oh my goodness!! I fell in love with that same door mat two years ago. It was my beautiful “welcome home” every day until a few months ago when my dear mother (trying to be helpful) washed it – and most of the ink away. I was so sad!! I have looked for another one at every Ross in my area and I’ve done countless Internet searches. It has no brand marking and I had long ago thrown out the tags. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Nothing has remotely come close to that mat. I can’t believe I stumbled upon your site and your photo of the mat…with the manufacturer label! A real lead, thank you! Great site too!

    1. AC I’m so glad to be helpful! Good luck finding it. Sadly, mine has long since fallen apart and I miss it very much. Love the fun bright color. Made me smile overtime I see it!

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