New Double Ovens

I have wanted new double ovens here at the castle for a very long time.


They just weren’t very high on my priority list considering how expensive they were.

Then The Hubs hosted his family’s July barbecue get together and everything changed.  We broke the oven door. It is never dull when the Lagaly family shows up!

Spoiler Alert!  This is one long post, so sit back, grab something to drink and let me share my tale with you.


The funny thing about breaking the oven door was that we were barbecuing. Outside. We weren’t even cooking inside. We had turned on the oven to use as a warmer. The hubs was opening the door to put some food into the oven when all H. E. double hockey sticks occurred!

Now let’s be fair here. We knew that the hinge on one side of the oven door was sticking a little bit. The Hubs had even looked up the model number and was planning on ordering a new hinge for the oven.  Too little, too late.

So, The Hubs opens the door and lets it go, thinking that the hinges would catch and hold the door in place. No. The hinges failed and the oven door hit the floor. Glass exploded EVERYWHERE. When I say everywhere I do mean everywhere. I was still finding glass in strange places weeks later.

Once we got past the craziness it occurred to me that now might be the perfect time for a little kitchen upgrade.

At least until I saw how much double ovens cost AND The Hubs realized that we would have to move the microwave to another location in the kitchen. It was all a little overwhelming, so like Scarlet O’Hara, I put that problem off for another day!


Fast forward a couple of months. We were so tired of not having an oven to cook with that we were ready to do just about anything to be able to bake again.

I found a “guy” who gave me a great deal on a brand new Electrolux double oven. Yep, I was doing a major happy dance! The price was so good that the Hubs didn’t even complain when we had to move the microwave or when the drawer below the ovens had to be rebuilt.

It helped that the ovens were some serious eye candy too!  I love them. So much so that someday I plan on sitting down with the 42 page manual and figuring out how to use all of the 100 things it does besides just bake.

At this point you would think that we had solved all of our appliance problems. You would be wrong.


I wanted the microwave to go on the end of our island, however it was way too big to fit into out island without a total rebuild. After The Hubs rebuilding the oven area, that was not going to happen. The only other space available for the microwave to go was below the stove top.

I have seen microwaves below the stove before and thought this would be the perfect solution.  Nope. The only way this would have been the perfect solution would have been if I liked laying on the floor to microwave my morning tea. I am short people! You can imagine how much The Hubs , who is just over six foot tall, liked  using it.

If my count is correct, I think we were moving on to plan D at this point.

After much measuring, planing, plotting, pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth we realized that we needed an above the stove microwave with a vent.


So I called our “guy” again and of course he just happened to have a brand new Electrolux above the stove microwave. It sings, it dances, and if I’m not mistaken it can even predict the weather!  At this point all I care about is that I don’t have to lie on the floor to use it. I am all for that!

Again, it also helps that the microwave is some great eye candy too! Honestly, I am loving my new double ovens and being able to stand up to use the microwave. It really is the little things in life.

Oh, and hey I received more good news. My appliance guy just called and he’s pretty sure he can hook us up with a matching dishwasher and fridge also!  We all know that the rest of the kitchen needs a little remodel too…

Maybe after Christmas.

Happy new double ovens!



  1. Tammy, I had to laugh on this one, even though I’m sure it wasn’t funny when it happened. Believe me, I am paying attention. We are about to embark on some kitchen updates, and even though our oven doors are not broken (yet), we had a microwave function within our double oven that failed, causing us to have a countertop for the past 15 years (can you say in the way!). Hoping to have a better space for that, and replacements as good as the 30 yr old appliances we’ve had. I love your final layout.

  2. Tammy your new ovens are indeed eye candy!

    I wanted to take a moment and thank you so very much for participating in the past week’s tour.
    The event brought happiness to many. I received so many messages from individuals who so appreciated all of the wonderful tips, touches and gorgeous images. I am running a round up tour today for any who might have missed a glimpse of the beauty shared.

    Alas my WalMart was sold out of your napkins but I did score the Hobby Lobby candles. 🙂 Again, my deepest thanks for such gorgeous inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Laura,
      Thank YOU for allowing me to be apart of such a fun and inspiring event! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. Also, I so agree that there was so much inspiration from such talented women and I found several new wonderful friends.
      So sorry that you missed the napkins, my sisters couldn’t find any either. I may be in the dog house!
      Thanks again!

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