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My New Front Porch Wreath

My new front porch wreath is probably one of my most favorite wreaths I’ve ever had!


In fact, it’s more of a decoration than it is a wreath.  For the past few years, I have been using the same wreath.  To say that it was a little sad and tired was an understatement, but I couldn’t find anything I loved to replace it. It was definitely time for a change!


I was at Hobby Lobby recently, looking for a replacement and found these wonderful wooden Christmas ornament cut outs.  They were 50% off and were the perfect size to hang on the front door.

As soon as I got my wooden ornaments home I couldn’t wait to make them. Here’s how I did it:

1. A couple of quick coats of white craft paint and the christmas ornaments were ready to decorate.  I just used craft paint that I had on hand, but you could just as easily spray paint them.

2. I wanted to used a monogram for the main design, along with some greenery and ribbon.

To make the monogram I designed one on my computer, printed it out, and then transferred the monogram onto tracing paper.

3. Once it was on the tracing paper, it was simple to use transfer paper and draw it onto the ornament.

4. As soon as I had my design transferred onto my wooden ornament, I painted the monogram with gold craft paint. If you didn’t want to try and paint the monogram, you could also use a vinyl cut out or the peel and stick rhinestone initials that they have a craft store would be super cute too!


5. Adding greenery, berries and ribbon gave the ornament a fun and finished look. I simply hot glued them to the top of the ornament.

All that was left to do was hang it!


I was so happy with how the my new front door “wreath” turned out that I decided to make a few more as gifts for my family and friends.  It was so much fun using different ribbons and greenery. No two wreaths are the same.


I haven’t had so much fun with a project since the Halloween pumpkins that I did a few years ago!

Sometimes the simplest projects are really the best!  These hand painted wooden ornaments were so easy, low cost and they are pure eye candy that anyone can make. Which really is my favorite kind of project.

Have a wonderful weekend!





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