Pumpkins and Christmas Ribbon

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It’s been nothing but pumpkins and Christmas ribbon here for the past week!


Sadly, I had knee surgery done a week an a half ago. As you can imagine, not much is getting done . I’ve got such a mixture of things started it is kind of crazy. My attention span is that of a gnat!


Sadie and I have been keeping ourselves busy. We play games. Okay, mostly this consists of her sitting and staring at me until I give her a treat, but I feel like we should get bonus points for the effort.

There has been a lot of TV watching going on too. She and I have grown very tired of trash daytime TV.  Let me tell you that Dr. Phil just isn’t what he used to be!

pumpkins-and-christmas-ribbon-3I’ve started a few projects. Notice that I said started, not finished. Remember, no attention span. At. All. Normally, I would share a fun, finished project with you. However, today I thought that you might enjoy seeing all of the unfinished projects that I’ve started. If we are both lucky I will hopefully share them with you sometime in the future!

  1. Little lighted Christmas trees!


2. Crazy Christmas letters made out of  garland.


3. Awesome monogramed Christmas ornaments


4. Making lots of bows for my christmas presents.

This is what my coffee table looks like. Pumpkins and Christmas ribbon. I don’t see it getting any better, anytime soon!

Hope that you are having a wonderful week!



Tammy from Patina and Paint

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