New Laundry Room Tile

New Laundry room tile

Welcome to Week 2 of our Laundry Room refresh. This week I’ve got some new laundry room tile to share with you. And… it’s not on the floor!

It’s on the wall!

laundry room countertop

Once I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get my countertop and sink in for a couple of weeks I knew I needed to pivot.

So I decided to go ahead and install the tile on the wall.

Walls that need repairs

I know that you would normally do the countertops first then go for the tile, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Day one found us doing a little demo.

We marked where the sink would be going, then marked where the new countertop would be on the wall.

Once we did this we tore out the formica back splash.

Sandking wall repairs

Repaired the walls.

Removing a shelf

We removed the existing shelf for tile and in the process broke it.

Plan B where the shelf is concerned!

White subway tile

Then it was time to tile.

I chose a  Satori 4 x 8 ceramic subway tile.

It’s inexpensive, but  looks extra!

tiling the laundry room wall

Unfortunately it was a rainy day  on day 1 so  no using the wet saw in the driveway!

However, we went ahead and tiled everything that didn’t need to be cut.

Cutting tile

Day 2 Was a Sunny Day and we were back in business!

Laundry room tile wall

We completed the tile and eagerly awaited the day 3 so that we could grout the tile.

Painting a wall repair

Day 4 we cleaned up the tile, built a new shelf and painted the repaired wall and cabinet.

New laundry room tile


New Laundry room tile

Finally the new laundry room tile wall was finished and I could kick myself for not having done it sooner!

If you watched the video you know that we have to wait on a plumber to put in the countertop and sink.

No new countertop until after Memorial day!

Oh, well, that will give me plenty of time to finish the curtains, hang artwork – you know all the fun details!

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Until next time…


Laundry Room Tile Wall

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