How To Piece Together Decor

Pieced together decor

Happy Wednesday! My friends Terrie from Decorate With Tip and More, Corine from Curly Willow Acres aka Junk To Gems and I are sharing how to piece together decor today. You know… like how big of decor you need for a space, or what goes with what… that kind of thing.

All three of us posted on Facebook this morning so if you want to see a video head on over to see it here.

New Laundry room tile

Since I’ve been working in my laundry room and put up this pretty shelf I thought that this would be the perfect spot to share how I put together the decor that will be going on it!

Print in a gold frame

Since work is going on in the laundry room, I will be sharing my shelf vignette in my light cube.

Sorry – definitely not as pretty, but you’ll get the idea.

When decorating I always pic a focal piece.

One that is the correct size, color etc.

But more importantly, something I love.

triangle design tip

I chose this thick heavy, multi-metal frame with a print that I downloaded.

It’s tall, has all the colors that I am using in the laundry room and is a good size for my shelf.

Anything too small on the shelf wouldn’t be seen!

Since I’m leaning the print on the wall I will be using the triangle method to place other items with the frame.

Basically, this means that I will be placing items on either side of the frame.

Adding greenery to an inspiration piece

Like this faux plant.

I love adding greenery into any room design!

this plant works because it adds color texture and isn’t as tall as the framed print.

Using the triangle method of design

A wallpaper roller stamp on the opposite side of the frame balances everything  out.

Plus, the beautiful pink color is repeated in my curtains!

I could leave it here, but I want to add a little more color and texture to the vignette.

Adding wallpaper stamps for decor

Another hand wallpaper stamp next to the pink one helps give this side of the vignette weight.

Adding greenery and a glass jar to a vignette

Since I always decorate in odd numbers I needed to add in one more element on the plant side.

This glass jar is perfect for this spot since it is the color of the walls, adds a little bling and is super cute.

Pieced together decor

Individually you might not think that these pieces would work together, but once placed together you can see that they do!

Not an eclectic fan?

That’s okay.

This method would work together for more cohesive pieces.

how to piece together decor

I hope that you enjoyed my tips on how to piece together decor.

Be sure and head on over to Terrie’s to see how she puts her decor together!

step by step tips on decorating

Decorate With Tip And More

Until next time…


How To Piece together decor

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