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New Rug in the Breakfast Room

I’m so excited to be sharing my new rug in my breakfast room with you today. Slowly, but surely, I’ve been adding little bits of decor here and there in our home. I’m not very good at decorating a room all at one time.

In fact, I’ve only decorated a complete room, all at once, one time. When I did my art studio for the $100 Room Challenge. I loved having it completed in one month, but it was stressful to have to make a ton of decisions all at one time. I’d rather take my time and decorate a room by finding the perfect pieces as I go along. Sometimes this works really well, sometimes it doesn’t!

This is what our breakfast room looked like on the day we moved in. The next day all of the tile was removed and in the week that followed, all new hardwood was put in.

Over the past few months tiny changes have happened in the dining room. We added a new old table. We hung the antique chandelier that I brought from our old house. A coffee bar was added in the past few weeks.

And I made new curtains.

Choosing a color scheme for the breakfast room has proven to be harder than I would have thought. I kept leaning toward a black, white and light blue color palette. However, I had that in our last home and really wanted something different. Then I saw a photo on Pinterest of the most beautiful white and beige dining room and fell in love.

Not long after I saw the photo, I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. I loved the linen textured look and the color was perfect.

I quickly went to work sewing new lined curtains. But guess what? The minute I hung those curtains, I hated the room. It still felt like the same great big beige box that was here when we moved in. Even though I hated them, I decided to live with them awhile. And I am so glad that I did!

Having the white and beige color scheme lets everything I put in there seasonally pop! In some ways it’s the perfect color scheme.

While I was learning to love my new breakfast room color scheme, I started looking at indoor/outdoor rugs for my patio.

I came across this super cute rug in turquoise that I feel in love with. One big problem. I’m not using turquoise in my color palette on the patio. BUT, it did come in this beige! Sold!

In all honesty, I love an indoor/outdoor carpet in the kitchen and dining room areas. So easy to clean and they’ve come so far in appearance sometimes it’s hard to tell that they aren’t indoor carpets.

The best part? It was on sale for under $100 and it came in the perfect size for my room!

I LOVE it.

There are still a few more things I want to add to this room, but it’s starting to feel like it’s not a great big beige box.

Woo Hoo!

Until next time…

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