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Easter Egg Place Cards

Diy Challenge Easter egg Inspiration

It’s the first Wednesday of the month and you know what that means? It’s the DIY Challenge and this months theme is Easter Egg inspiration.
Thanks to Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip for being our  egg-straspecial hostess! 

If you are coming here from Danya’s Barnhouse Mess, Welcome! I always love to meet new friends.

Easter egg place card

Can you believe that it’s March already? I couldn’t be happier about it. I am so ready for Spring!! Sorry Winter, but it’s time for you to go.

With Spring on the horizon, I’m already thinking about Spring and Easter decor. One of my favorite things to do is set a cute children’s Easter table for all of the littles in our family. With the DIY Challenge being easter egg inspo, I thought it might be cute to make the children’s table place cards out of eggs.

No boring little white cards for this table!

painted terra cotta pots

Supply List:

*Small clay pots
*Acrylic paint
*BBQ Skewers
*Plastic Easter Eggs
* Hot glue gun and hot glue
*Easter grass
*Alphabet stickers

Step 1:

Take your clay pots and paint them the color of your choice. I didn’t worry too much about complete coverage since I was going for a rustic look. Once I had painted them with one coat of paint, I used white acrylic paint to dry brush over the base coat.

plastic easter eggs, wooden skewers

Step 2:

Next, grab some plastic Easter eggs of your choice and some BBQ Skewers.

plastic easter egg on a wooden skewer

Using your hot glue gun, put some glue into the hole that is at the bottom of your Easter Egg.

Quickly insert the skewer into the hole before the glue dries. I added a little glue to the outside of the egg and the skewer to make sure the skewer was firmly in place.

Don’t worry about a little glue on the outside, as we will hide that later.

Next, since the skewer was a little too long for my craft, I cut off a couple of inches of the skewer.

I used wire cutters, but heavy duty scissors would work also.

painting a wooden skewer


I didn’t care for the natural wood color of the skewers, so I painted the skewer a soft grass green. Be sure to paint the glue at the top also.

hot glue in a terra cotta pot

Step 5:

After your green paint has dried, it’s time to attach the egg to the pot.
Normally, I would put a piece of styrofoam into the bottom of the clay pot and just stick the egg in. However, I didn’t have any styrofoam and I was too lazy to go get some, so I improvised.

I put a big dollop of hot glue into the bottom of the clay pot. Then stuck the end of the skewer into the glue. Hold the egg upright for a few seconds until the glue dries enough for the egg to stand up on its own.

A friend asked me why I used glue? Wouldn’t it ruin the pot if I ever wanted to use if for another project? No, it won’t. A little heat from a hair dryer and the glue will pop right out! In all honesty, either way works just fine.

Easter egg on a skewer in a terra cotta pot

Once the glue was dry enough, I took a half sheet of paper towel and wrapped it around the stick to help keep the egg in place and to fill up my pot.

Easter egg place card

Step 6:

I let the glue dry for a few hours, just to make sure that my egg was firmly attached to the pot. Once this was done, I tied a bow at the bottom of my egg around the skewer.This adds a little fun color and helps hide the glue.

To fill up the inside of the pot, I added shredded Easter grass. I also think that filling the pot up with jelly beans or M&M’s would be cute too. I just love all of the fun bright color.

Easter egg place card

Step 7:

I added a colorful  alphabet sticker  that was the first letter of each child’s name to one of Easter eggs. 

For a little extra, I also thought these cute tiny carrots finished my place cards off nicely.

Easter Egg place card

Honestly, these Easter egg place cards are one of my top two favorite things on my children’s Easter table. I love that these cute, colorful and sweet  place cards remind me that Spring is just around the corner.


Next up, Michelle from Blessings By Me!

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