New Rug On The Patio

I have a new rug on the patio! Yay!!!  I am so excited. I know, it’s crazy that something so little, can make my day. Right now I get excited about anything that means I can work outside. Abnormally cool temps, tons of rain and cloudy days have kept me indoors.

new rug on the patio

Not only have the rainy, cloudy days affected my working in the garden, it’s also done a number on my old patio carpet! As you can tell, my rug has seen better days. I blame Mother Nature. 


patio furniture

I’ve had this outdoor rug for about three years now. For the most part, it has been a good rug.

I love sitting out on the patio at the end of the day, kicking of my shoes and enjoying a cold beverage.

The rug keeps my toes comfy and cosy!

Unfortunately, there is currently nothing cosy or comfy about this rug.

The wind, rain, and cold temps have made it impossible to keep clean.

mildew rug

Which has resulted in the rug molding and being riddled with mildew. Ick!

mold on rug

Who knew algae could grow on a rug in such a short amount of time?

Time for a new rug on the patio!


I looked just about everywhere for a new rug.

The last one felt more like an indoor rug, however I wanted one that was a little sturdier and more immune to the weather.

I also wanted one that didn’t look or feel like plastic.

Plus, it had to be in my budget.

New rug on the patio

Then, I found this one. Let the heavenly choir sing!

I normally go with a more neutral palate.

But this rug….

This rug had a neutral background. The blues matched the navy back door and the medium blue matches the furniture cushions perfectly.

It was meant to be!

I may change out the pillows on the love seat to something less busy, but for the most part I’m loving how this is starting to look.

dog on rug

Even Miss Sadie is loving the new rug on the patio!

Now, if Mother Nature will ever co-operate I will finish planting all of my patio pots.

Maybe break out the candles and  the spring decorations.


Until next time….



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