Old Tray Makeover

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Today I’m sharing how to give an old tray a makeover. Nothing earth shattering, just a reminder that a little spray paint can go a long way!

This is what my coffee table looked like this morning.

Kind of summer casual in style.

But, just like the dog days of summer, it was looking a little tired.

Definitely time for a refresh!

silver mirrored tray

After digging through my stash of decor, I found this pretty mirrored tray.

I love it, however I was looking for something gold to go with the rest of the gold in the living room.

My solution?

Spray paint it, of course!

blue tape on a mirrored tray

Before I spray painted it, I needed to tape off the mirrored section.

For years I would tear off an inch or two of tape, slide it up as close as I could to the edge and repeat this process until I had the entire mirror covered.

It took forever!

blue table on mirrored tray

Then one day a few years ago I had a “Duh” moment.

If I just taped the area off in larger sections, then burnish the edges I could do this:

cutting tape with Xacto knife

I could use a very sharp craft knife and cut away the excess tape.

This method takes less than 5 minutes!

So much easier.

Moments like these make me wonder why I am left alone unchaperoned!

taped tray

Once I have the edge taped off, I usually use newspaper or scrap paper to cover the center of the mirror.

Literally, the entire process took about 5 minutes peeps!

Now, I’m ready to paint!

GOld spray paint

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times Rust-Oleum metallic gold is my favorite all time spray paint!

spraying a tray

For this project it was a “one and done” coat of gold spray paint.

That’s just how great the coverage is!

blue and white Tablescapes

After letting it dry for awhile, I pulled the tape off and it was time for the fun part.

The decorating!

Table scape

I love my new tablescape!

You can’t see it here, but the gold ties in with the rest of the gold I have sprinkled around the room.

See? A little spray paint really does go a long way and I think my old tray makeover was a success!

Until next time…

Tammy from Patina and Paint


  1. Love the blue and white! The beautiful mirrored tray adds just the right touch of sparkle. You can definitely be left alone unchaperoned, Tammy.

    1. Thanks so much Rita! It’s getting harder and harder to make myself do a little decorating here and there. Upstairs is a total nightmare right now. I’m thinking my days of doing anything other than pack are numbered!

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