Organizing the Office – Part 2

Today I am sharing organizing the office – part 2. With the cold weather last week, I started the never ending process of cleaning and giving my office a facelift.

The first part of the office facelift, which you can see here, was cleaning up my work space and making new storage for my paints.  Organizing the office – part 2 is all about cleaning up one great big hot mess, in a very tiny area.

My sewing cabinet looks all clean and innocent on the outside. However, just open the top drawer and you will find one big tangled mess of thread, pins and scissors. Yikes!

Every so often I clean and rearrange this drawer, only to find that it looks exactly like this in a very short time. I swear I have wicked little elves that love to create chaos in these drawers when I am not looking!

My biggest issue in this drawer is the thread. I know that they make thread holders that hang on the wall and others that go inside drawers. However, I have no wall space to hang one on and my drawer seems to be an odd size.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

After measuring the drawer, I found an old beat up piece of foam board and cut it to the drawers inside dimensions.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that the foam board was ugly and beat up! To hide all the ugly, I covered the board with this pretty paper that I found at Michaels.

Flipping the board over to the backside, the thread was laid out on top of the board to make sure that all of the thread would fit. Once I knew that I had plenty of room for all of my thread, I marked the center of each spool of threads position on the board.

Using an awl, I punch holes in the center of each spot where the spools of thread were positioned.

Next, I raided the Hubs golf stash. He has some super long white golf tees that were perfect to hold the spools of thread in place. I simply pushed them through the back side of the board. Ta Da! Instant thread holders!

The golf tees were the perfect height and size to hold the spools of thread securely on the board. Unfortunately, I ran out of white tees and had to use  a few pink ones until I can buy some more white ones. What can I say? It was super cold out and I was lazy!

Here is the finished organized drawer. All the spools are in perfect order!

Honestly, I was amazed that the foam board and golf tees worked so well. My thought was to use this as a temporary fix for my problem, but it works so well I may be leaving it as it is!

I guess the true test will be if I can keep the drawers in nice and neat order.

I lined the other two drawers in the sewing cabinet with the same cute paper. That paper gives it a clean, polished look.

To corral all of the other loose sewing tools, I put them in a couple of extra dollar tree plastic bins I had lying around. So. Much. Better!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself and my crazy stellar organization skills. Organizing the office – part 2 was a success! I stepped back to give myself a pat on the back and realized that the paint on the cabinet doesn’t match anything else in the room!

Now, you all know what that means. I see another paint project in the near future. Like I said give the office a facelift is the never ending project….



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