Painted Children’s Table

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Painted children's table 10

I have the best friends. Who bring me the most fun projects! My friend Lally called me recently and asked if I could do a painted children’s table? Oh, yeah. I love doing children’s rooms and furniture! Bring it on!

painted children's table 5

Here is the before of the table top… as you can see it needed a little work.

painted children's table 6

And this is one of two chairs that went with the table. So cute. But obviously a little boys table and Lally wanted this one to be for her granddaughter. Not gonna work!

painted children's table 7

First thing I did was glue, screw and clamp the table and chairs. They were sturdy, but a little wobbly!

painted children's table 8

While those were drying, it was design time. This is how I roll. Quick sketches with quick color. Not only is this a good way to give the client an idea of what I am thinking of doing, but it is crucial for me to look at during the painting stage to remind me of my design. Does it alway stay exactly this way? No. But it is a good start! Lally had sent me Pin’s with ideas that she liked and gave me the colors of her granddaughter room and said “go for it!”. So I did!

Once that was done I gave all three pieces of furniture a layer of Kilz, followed by 2 layers of white paint. Followed by some decorative painting in white, mint and coral.

painted children's table 4

You would think I would have gotten some great pictures BEFORE I delivered them, but no. Did I mentioned it has been raining here for the last five days? Today was the first day that we saw the sun and that was the later part of the day! So all of the pictures that I have been taking were TERRIBLE! So thank goodness I thought to take some as I delivered them. Although the color is a little off.

painted children's table 2

Lally wanted one chair to have her granddaughters initial on it…

painted children table 1

And one “neutral” one for a friend.

painted children's table 3

Here’s my design actually painted.  The same? Not exactly, but it is pretty close.

painted children's table

Hopefully Lally’s granddaughter ( she is 2!) will love this painted children’s table and chairs. I know I do.  It has been a fun two or three days of painting. I love my job!

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