Painted Stacked Pumpkins

Painted stacked pumpkins

I’ve been drooling over painted stacked pumpkins for years. I would see them everywhere I went. Each and everyone of them would scream my name. Only, there was one big problem. They all cost more than my Halloween budget allowed.

painted stacked pumpkins

I thought that I had hit pay dirt when I saw this set of stacked pumpkins from At Home.

However, at $99.00, they still were more than I was willing to spend on Halloween decor.


Then, on a recent shopping trip, at the very back of a Marshall’s store my little eye spied a stack of pumpkins.

No, they weren’t painted in bright Halloween colors, but they were stacked and they were under $30.00.

I couldn’t get them in my basket fast enough!

I was so excited that I didn’t get a “before” picture of them. My bad.

orange and white pumpkin

Step 1:

The pumpkins received a few good coats of white multi-surface paint before painting the colorful designs.

Step 2:

The top pumpkin was painted with bright white and orange stripes.

checked pumpkins

Step 3:

The middle stacked pumpkin was painted a black and white check pattern with tiny gold dots at the intersections.

Step 4:

And the bottom pumpkin?

Yep, you guessed it.

I was still so excited that I didn’t get a picture of it either!

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see that the bottom pumpkin was painted black with large white and orange polk-a-dots.

Painted stacked pumpkins

Step 5:

Before I put the stacked pumpkins on my front porch, I gave the pumpkins a quick spray of clear coat and added a little raffia and ribbon to the pumpkin’s stem.

Even pumpkins need a little bling!

Halloween porch

I love how my painted stacked pumpkins turned out!

They are definitely the star of my Halloween porch.

painted stacked pumpkins

Was it worth the time and expense to paint my own stacked pumpkins?


I don’t count the many hot minutes it took to paint the pumpkins as I love to paint.

As for the cost, the total cost of the pumpkins was under $38.00.

Definitely in my Halloween budget!

Until next time….

Painted stacked pumpkins

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  1. I am all over this Tammy. You know I love revamping things that I already have. I just love what you did with your stacked pumpkins. They look great on your porch. Happy Halloween!

    1. So glad you found it! I used acrylic paints, then used a poly acrylic spray sealer. Just make sure that since the acrylic is water based that the sealer is too. Good luck and be sure to send pictures. I love seeing what others are painting!

    1. For my circles I used a “spouncer” which is a round sponge with a handle. Then went back over it with a brush for the second coat. For the squares I just eye balled it. If you look closely you will see that it’s not perfect. I lightly drew the lines on before I painted so that I could adjust as needed. Good luck!

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