Painting My Front Door

Last week as I was getting my front porch ready for spring, I realized that the front door needed to be painted.

Suddenly, painting my front door went from the bottom of my to do list to the top!

When we moved in 12 summers ago the door was an ugly, blah beige. It had no character at all. The brick is a neutral taupe with a little white and and orangish red.

Because it’s so neutral, I felt like the door had to really show up. So I painted it black. I’ve loved the black for a long time. However, lately I’ve seen painted doors that are bold turquoise and soft melon colors. So. Pretty! So I had to wonder, could my front door be needing a bolder color?

I downloaded the Home Depot Project Color app on my phone and got busy playing with color on my front door!

The app did a pretty good job of not covering up the door plate and door knocker. It missed the door handle though. It also wasn’t super accurate with the color, although that could be because it was laying the color over the black on the door.

First up was a cobalt blue. On the door it turned navy. Which is my favorite color. I actually like this one!

Next I tried red. Umm… no.  The red just clashed too much with the brick.

Next I tried Kelly green. It’s a hot color right now. This is a no too, although I might like it if the green were darker and had a little blue in it.

This eggplant is really fun and bold. I kind of like it… just not sure that I am bold enough to try it. I had an eggplant powder room for years and it was my all time favorite.

The turquoise color turned out a little too dark and flat in the app.  I was thinking brighter . To me, this is a bolder choice than the eggplant. I’m just not sure I’m ready to take that big of a leap.

If you are getting ready to paint your door, house, or an interior room I would recommend this App. While it didn’t show the exact colors on the door, it did give me a good idea of what would work for painting my front door and what was a definite no.

So what color did I pick? I think that I will wait and share that with you later! I will tell you that I have narrowed it down to two colors. Hopefully, if the rain stops I will be painting my front door and sharing the new color with you.



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  1. NOW you tell me about the color project app…just kidding! I did play around with the SW app. You can upload a photo of your own so it can color match what you’re currently using (that helped me match a room I just need to freshen). The feature SW has where you test your paints was not very user friendly in that it didn’t give a true color when you put one of theirs over your existing color in the room, so the HD might have helped me.

    I like the navy. 🙂

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