Making Clothes for Beep

It’s a rainy day here at the castle, so I’ve been inside making clothes for Beep! Who’s Beep? My niece, Laura, is expecting Miss Adriana Paisley, or as we call her “Beep”, in August .

Beep is the first great grandchild in our family so you can imagine just how excited we are. We waited patiently for months to find out whether Beep was a boy or a girl. Once we found out that Beep was a girl, my sisters and I couldn’t get to the mall fast enough. Let the spending sprees begin!

We found so many cute things to buy for baby girls. But I have to say that we thought that it might be fun to make a few things for Beep.

My niece was looking for newborn tutu. Since we didn’t find any pre-made ones, that was the first thing that we made. There are a ton of tutorials on Pinterst on how to make a tutu. We chose one and got busy.

Once that was done, we needed a onesie to match. I couldn’t find the color I wanted, so I dyed a onesie to match the tutu.




This is the finished outfit. The bow goes in the back, but it I think that it is the cutest part of the tutu.

When I bought the onesies they came in a four pack.  Which meant more outfits. We dyed this one Aquamarine. Sewed a few ruffles on, hot set some crystals and added bows.

This is the finished outfit. Tres Chic!

Of course, any well dressed baby needs her burp cloths to match her outfits! I love making these burp cloths. They are so pretty, but they are also durable.

The back side of the burp cloth is a diaper.

While the front side is fun and bright material. I like to use a quality quilting material. In fact, a fat quarter is the perfect size.  I shared how to make these here.   If you can sew a straight line, you can make these pretty burp cloths!

We can’t wait for Beep to get here, so until she arrives we will just have to keep making clothes for Beep. Which is almost as much fun as buying clothes for her!



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