Painting the Chandelier Green

old chandelier

This is the story of painting the chandelier green. Hot, vibrant lime green. It just makes my little heart so happy!

My sweet sister sent me a TIKTOK video where a man made a solar “candlelier” out of a chandelier.

Her words were I NEED one.

I quickly sent her a reply with the above picture and asked her if this one would work?

This beauty was gifted to me by a sweet friend, however there was something wrong with the wiring and the Hubs said it would be cheaper to buy a new one than try and rewire it.

So it sat in my office, waiting for a good idea on how to use it to come along.

Of course, sister said yes!

removing chandelier sleeve cover

So here’s how the green chandelier came to be.

Step 1

While sister was deciding what color she wanted it to be, I started by removing the candle light socket cover.

removing chandelier light socket

Then sniped the wires connected to the light sockets, then unscrewed and removed the light socket.

Once that was done, I removed the light globe at the bottom of the chandelier.

striped down chandelier

And this is what it looked like.

Krylon Fusion Spray Paint


Step 2

Paint the chandelier.

Sister decided on a bright, vibrant lime green.

I couldn’t have been happier.

After years of painting chandies white, black and turquoise, this was a breath of fresh air.

I mean, it’s going to hang outside from her pecan tree in her backyard.

Why not go bold?

green chandelier

TIP: Use a shepards hook to hang the chandelier from to spray paint the bottom and sides.

2 coats of green paint on the chandelier

Once the bottom and sides were dry, I laid the chandelier on a drop cloth and spray painted it from the top.

solar lights

Step 3

Paint the solar light puck.

When it came time to attach the solar lights to the candlelier, the black “puck” part looked weird.

I knew I needed to paint them green.

So I removed the globe from the bottom, placed the pucks in styrofoam and taped off the solar panel.

Then sprayed them green.

Once the pucks were dry, I put them back together and it was time to attach them to the candlelier.

silicone in chandelier socket

Step 4

Attach the solar lights to the chandelier.

To do this I used silicone.

Since the probability of a $1.98 solar light going out is a strong possiblility, I didn’t want to attach it in a way that we couldn’t replace the light.

Silicone was the perfect solution.

It’s weather proof, strong and will hold up to heat.

BUT, is easily removed to add a different light.


adding crystals to the chandelier

Step 5

Add a little bling.

I decided to leave the glass globe off of the painted chandelier.

Sister lives in Oklahoma where the winds come barreling down the plain.

No tempting fate here!

But I did feel comfortable adding a few of the glass crystals back on.

If a few fall off, they are easily put back on.


green chandelier

Painting the chandelier green was so fun and easy.

It makes me wonder why I didn’t keep it for myself?

Until next time….


Painting the chandelier green



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