Paper Lanterns In The Garden

Every year I know it’s summer when it’s time to hang the paper lanterns in the garden. I get so excited over something so silly and so easy. It’s crazy really!

However, whenever I think about not hanging them I remember sitting on the partio in the evening and how much joy they bring.

All the bright colors, slightly swaying in the breeze… well hopefully we have a breeze! It just makes me happy.


This year my inspiration piece for choosing my lantern colors was this pillow.

It has my favorite colors.

Navy, hot pink and all things bright and happy.

Paper lanterns in the garden

I never spend a lot of money on my lanterns.

This year I purchased them from the Dollar Tree and here.

None of which were over $1.00.

Usually, I hang around 9 paper lanterns.

paper lanterns in the garden

Also, I always stagger the height and the depth.

Which makes it look like the Partio is FULL of hanging paper lanterns!

Paper lanterns in the garden

Using fishing line or twine makes hanging paper lanterns a breeze!

I will admit that I wait til The Hubs is around to get up on the ladder.

Since I don’t have a “help I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button, I feel that it’s for the best!

adirondak chairs, umbrella

This photo has nothing to do with hanging paper lanterns in the garden, however it was a rare sunny day and the sky was so pretty.

I couldn’t resist sharing!

Plus, I can’t help but show off the stained fence that took forever to stain. FOREVER!

Until next time….

Paper lanterns in the garden

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  1. Tammy, these look so pretty! I love them…I wonder if you can run electric lights through them? Hmmmm…. Have a great day! Hugs!

    1. Benita, half of the paper lanterns are battery operated – but short girl problems! lol So running lights through them might be a good idea…❤️

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