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welcome mat

Sprucing up the porchlette has been on my to do list for a few weeks now. What, you might ask, is a porchlette? Well, it’s smaller than a porch or a porchette.

My friend Cindy at County Road 407 calls her front porch a porchette. After reading this on her blog, I decided that mine is so much smaller than hers that I will be forever going to call mine a “porchlette”!

As you can see, by the welcome mat, my porchlette has definitely seen better days!

pier 1 door mat

I’ve been planning my new porchlette for a few weeks now.

My first purchase was this cute coir mat from Pier 1.

blue and white striped rug

My second purchase was this blue and white striped mat from

layered door mats

I love layering rugs.

It gives so much color and texture to the porchlette.

Cute right?

blue and white rug

Until I came home and found that my layered mats had gotten wet.

The coir mat had bled onto the blue and white mat.


I was shocked since it hadn’t rained.

plants with arrow

After a little investigative work I finally figured out the culprit.

The sprinkler head was hitting the Caladium leaves, which shot the water directly onto the coir mat.

door mat

Sadly, I said goodbye to the blue and white stipe mat.

At least until I can find something a little more waterproof.

My one consolation was that the new coir mat is pretty all by itself.

red stool, bird, plants

The porchlette has been the same for many years, I felt like it was time to rearrange it a little.

Which is harder than it sounds since it is so small.

The large urn, which was on the south side, went to the north side.

Since the urn looked a little lonely, I added this small red stool.

plants sign

Please ignore the cords! Those will have to be moved and hidden.

As my sweet Granny used to say ” We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t get rid of cords!”

Also, I’m thinking of adding a sign above the metal planter.

The mason jar just feels too small.

hello garden flag

My last new addition to the porchlette is a new garden sign.

Don’t you love all of the bright colors!

I have to say that for the most part I’m happy with the new look.


Am I finished sprucing up the porchlette?


Unfortunately, all my pre-planning didn’t work out quite like I planned.

The porchlette is screaming for a wreath, a rug and a sign.

However, I’m in no hurry.

Okay, I’m in a bit of a hurry.

However, until I find the perfect items I’m moving on to other projects.

Like cleaning out and mulching the front yard flower beds.

A gardeners work is never done!

Until next time….

Tammy from Patina and Paint