Partio Rules

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Last week I shared a few things that we added to our shade patio. If you missed it, you can see those here. After we added the hanging baskets to the shed, it looked a little bare. It definitely need a little something to fill in the blank space on the wall. What better than to post the partio rules!


Yes, you read that right. Instead of a patio, we have a partio! What is a partio? It’s basically a patio, but you have so much more fun on a partio. My BFF Roxanne and I decided many years ago that we no longer had mere patios. Too proper for us for sure!

paint and paint brush

I had the hubs make a sign made of real shiplap.

Which I will never do again.

WAY too heavy! Cute, but heavy.

I pulled out the never ending quart of front door paint to use for my base coat.

So far this quart of paint has painted two doors, a clock, two adirondack chairs and now a partio sign.

I still have paint!

wooden sign

It’s still wet in the picture, but see how well one coat of paint covers?

I’m in love with this stuff!

wooden signs

Once the paint dried, I drew the words onto the sign.

Then painted it with acrylic paints.

partio rules

You can tell by the partio rules that we do have a lot of fun on the partio!

I love how the sign turned out.

Since we made the sign ourselves, it’s the perfect size.

It’s also a great reminder to take life a little slower and enjoy the moment.


Even when it’s over 100 degrees, you can find The Hubs and I sitting here almost every evening.

It’s the perfect shady spot to read, take a quick nap, catch up on the day, watch for lightning bugs and drink an ice cold drink.

This is the second summer we’ve had this shade partio and we can’t believe that we didn’t put it in sooner.

Until next time….


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    1. Thank you Stacey! It’s the only shaded space in the backyard in the evening. It gets a lot of use – as long as it isn’t too hot. We have had to move the portable swamp cooler over there lately. Can you believe that it’s only June and it’s been over 100? Going to be a hot summer in North Texas for sure!

    1. Rita,
      The blue is called Calm. It’s made by Modern Masters. It’s the Front Door paint that I have used on the front and back doors. That quart has painted the doors, the chairs, a sign and a clock. I still have paint left over. Some Hobby Lobby’s have it on sale right now for under $5.00 for a pint. 🙂

    1. Cindy,
      We only sit out early evening – with a portable swamp cooler- in the 100 degree weather. Although the last few days it’s been too “swampy” that’s for sure! I can’t believe that it’s already so hot here.

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