Pink Flamingo Room

I started the Pink Flamingo room last summer. Yikes! I kept thinking that I would get all of the little things left on my to do list done, but no. Truth be told, I still haven’t entirely finished the guest room.

In fact, the only reason that I am sharing it with you now is that I got room shamed by a friend. Why haven’t you shared your finished guest room? she asked. What can I say? I guess I got side tracked!

TA DA! The pink flamingo room as it is today, complete with Sadie the black lab. Sadie is secretly a photo bomber who lives here at the castle. I swear you can’t take a picture without a part of her being in it!

Here’s what has been done to date. The walls have been painted, furniture has been painted, the pink chair  and the bench have been recovered, bedside lamps have been hung,  I made the dresser lamp from scratch, curtains and shams were made and artwork has been painted.


I’ve struggled with finding great art work for this room. To date, I’ve painted all of the art in this room. Not because I wanted to, but because I just haven’t found the perfect artwork yet. I’m patient. It will show up when I least expect it.

Now to share what hasn’t been done yet. Of course, the perfect artwork.  I want to add to the curtains. Right now I feel like they are a little small for that window.  Someday, I would love to put in hardwood floors, but that is just not in the budget today.

I would love to get rid of the ceiling fan. It just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the room. My ( The Hub’s) sweet stepmom- in- law found this awesome light for me at a garage sale last week. I haven’t seen it yet , but I am hoping that it will work in the guest room! So. Excited!! I truly love it!

If you are wondering why I call it the pink flamingo room, it is because my seester #2 gave me the cutest set of pink flamingo sheets for my birthday last year. They were the springboard for the decor in the guest room.  Once the sheets determined the theme, I painted this pink flamingo painting.

The only wall I haven’t shared in this room is the entry door wall.  I have a Hoosier on that wall. It is a family piece from The Hub’s family. A few houses ago it sat in our kitchen. There is no place in our new home for it, so it goes in the guest room for now.  I plan on putting new, updated decor on the top. Again, when I find it.

Like I said, the pink flamingo room isn’t quite finished, but it is so close. It just needs a few finishing touches.

I hereby promise to get myself in gear and get it done. Soon. And when it is finished I promise that you will be the first to see it!


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