I’m Dreaming of Spring

How was your holiday weekend? Here at the castle I’m dreaming of Spring in a big way!

Everywhere I look there are signs of Spring. In the garden, shopping and on-line, it’s everywhere.  I even won these pretty garden tools and gloves at Po-keeno a few nights ago. I guess I’m not the only one dreaming of spring.I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I’ve always heard that you are suppose to prune your roses on President’s day. Since it was suppose to rain on that day, I headed out a few days early while the sun was shining. Wow, was I surprised. It had been awhile since I had been out in my yard. The roses already had new growth.

My strawberries were already in bloom!  I originally planted my strawberries in pots and placed them in the raised Herb garden. Last year they grew right out of the pots into the garden bed. This year they are going crazy already.

Our winter here in north Texas has been so mild that for the second year in a row, some of my flowers have over wintered. These Pinks are  a beautiful bright spot in my garden.

I normally wait until a little closer to the official first day of Spring to clean out the beds, mulch and start planting, but I think the cleaning and mulching are going to come a little earlier this year.

It seems as if spring may come a little early this year. However, I am a little worried that winter could raise it’s ugly head one more time and kill my early blooming plants. This is Texas after all.

For today, I’m dreaming of Spring. It is my favorite time of year and it can’t come soon enough. Come on Spring!








  1. Can you believe how beautiful it is going to be the rest of the week? Those tools and gloves are adorable. I stick mine in a pot all the time as part of the decoration. 🙂

    1. I am loving all of this warm weather… makes me want to start gardening yesterday! That’s a great idea to use the gloves and tools out for decor!

  2. Spring is definitely coming early this year….or did we even have a winter?? My daffs are up, along with neighborhood crocus and lenten roses, and I can even see buds on rhododendrons! I need to get out and prune my clematis and check on my roses too. Love your new garden supplies – a fun win!

    1. I can’t believe that we didn’t have much of a winter! Sounds like your neighborhood is looking beautiful. I need to get out and clean out beds, I know it’s time it just seems so early.

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