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Pink flamingo

I am obsessed with the pink flamingo!

pink flamingo 38

I blame my obsession on Target.  A few months ago, I received my weekly email from Target introducing their Pillowfort line.  When I saw their pink flamingo sheets, I fell in love. One large problem. They were already sold out of the sheets.

pink flamingo 34

My sister came to my rescue. She purchased these sheets on-line as a birthday present for me.  Some days it is good to be me!

I had just begun making decisions for my guest room refresh. My plan was for the room to be shades of navy blue and gold. I quickly decided to add a touch of hot pink into the room design.

That “touch” of pink has quickly morphed into a new pink chair, pink and whitesheets, a pink lamp along with pink  art.

pink flamingo 39

I decided to paint the artwork for the room myself. This wild and crazy bird was my first attempt. She was fun and colorful, but I felt something was missing. I liked her, I just didn’t love her.

pink flamingo 35

I was doing a little late night browsing on my computer and came across a coffee mug with a pink flamingo on it. I knew immediately that I had to try something similar. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I have my artwork!

pink flamingo 36

My obsession didn’t stop there though.  I found this really cute wrapping paper at Michaels. I thought that it would make a great drawer liner for the guest room dresser.

My turquoise tray that I keep out by my redneck pool also needed a face lift. The face of the tray was peeling and was a mess.

pink flamingo 37

A little wrapping paper along with some Mod Podge transformed that tray into a beauty!

pinkflamingo 33Now my tray looks perfect on the poolside bar.  See the pink flamingo on the tray? It is a bottle opener! I was doing a little shopping at Kohl’s where I found my bottle opener. He was sitting, patiently waiting for me to buy him right next to the check out. Half price. It was meant to be!

I can’t help buying these cute birds. They are everywhere I look lately.  You will be proud of me though as I have resisted the urge to buy more. I found a print of a pink flamingo with the caption that read: “Who you callin’ tacky?” Seems like it might be time for this girl to find a new obsession.


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  1. You scored! I love everything that you have done! The perfectly pretty pink-a-dot chair is brilliant, as is your flamingo picture that you painted!!! Kudos to YOU.

  2. Ooops! Hit “post” before proofing my comment completely! It should say, “The perfectly, pink, polka-dot!”

  3. Ok, now that stuff is really cute. I mean really. Back 100 years ago when I was a ballerina, our ballet master used to tell us we looked like flamingos sometime – usually when he didn’t like our stance. 😉

  4. I love both of your pink flamingo paintings Tammy, and who knew you could buy pink flamingo sheets! I have some pillows covered in that pink polka dot fabric, just love hot pink!

    1. I was a little surprised at the pink flamingo sheets too. I have to admit that the reason I love those silly birds may be that they are such a pretty color of pink! Have a great day!

  5. I’m so glad I accidentally ran into this page! Thank you, Tammy! Just the sort of decorating I’m into…..crazy and cool! I can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thank you Joan! I do tend to get a little whimsy in my decorating… So glad you stopped by and hope to see you again!!

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