Pottery Barn Outlet

pottery barn outlet sign

Yesterday morning I was going thru my emails when I saw one from Pottery Barn Outlet. Normally I delete and keep scrolling because we don’t have one near us.

At least that’s what I thought.

I opened the email and it said “find your store”.

So for fun, I hit the find button, added in my zip and low and behold up popped up a store less than ten miles from my house.

I picked up my phone, texted my Bestie and said ” Put your clothes on girl, we are going shopping!”

decor and flowers

I had so much fun that I thought you might like a quick run down, just in case you live near by.

If you don’t live near by, you still might enjoy seeing what they have to offer.

Right inside the door is this pretty display of flowers, pots and decor.

Those peony’s were so pretty!

Pottery Barn dishes

To say that this place is huge is an understatement.

We decided to go to our right and work our way through the store.

Which was a great decision as it put us right in my favorite place – the dishes and serving pieces!

All were 50% off.

Apparently, sales change weekly, so if you see something that isn’t on sale – check back next week.


They had some of the biggest light fixtures I’ve ever seen.

Everything from modern to traditional.

Look at all the crystals on this chandelier!

Bulletin board, chalk board

The organization department had a few things that I really loved but had no place for in my home.

I love the metal frames on this bulletin board and chalk board.


And this calendar?

Yes, please.

I just need a wall big enough to hang it on.

Definitely one of my favorites.

Children's play kitchen

I LOVED the pottery barn children’s section.

Isn’t this the cutest children’s kitchen?

lunch boxes, backpacks

I could have spent a fortune buying lunchboxes, backpacks and luggage for the littles in the family.

Tons of stuff for both boys and girls.


Pottery Barn bedding

The Pottery Barn teen section had some of the prettiest navy and white bed linens I’ve seen in awhile.

I seriously had to refrain from taking some of this home!

Pottery barn furniture

The furniture section was huge!

However, to keep from buying something I clearly do not need, I made a quick run through and headed on over to the bedding.

bed, chair

The bedding was hit and miss, as I’m sure all outlet stores are at times.

However, it did have some very pretty sets as well as quality sheets.

Just not in my color schemes.

Blue and White bowl

My bestie and I had such fun, although Roxanne only purchased two things and I had my one find of the day that I couldn’t live without.

bowl with fruit in it

This beautiful blue and white serving bowl.

Perfect for my kitchen.


Pottery Barn sack

So, will I be going back to the Pottery Barn Outlet?

Yes, yes I will.

It’s easy to get to in, a high traffic area with other shopping.

Price range?

Well, it is Pottery Barn so nothing is dirt cheap, however with most things 40% – 50% off it’s a much better deal than full price at the regular stores.

If nothing else, take your bestie and have a great time.

I know I did.

Until next time….

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  1. Sounds like Syd and I need to go over there today. The chandelier you showed is the one that hangs in my daughter’s dining room. I knew this store was there but have not taken the time to stop in. It looks amazingly organized! Did Roxanne buy the little kitchen for Millie?😂

    1. Karen you and Syd would enjoy the shopping, if for no other reason than it’s fun to be out and about with your bestie! No, Roxanne left the kitchen there. It was so cute it was a hard decision… We both picked up small items, but I would definitely go again.

    1. Terrie if you have a Pottery Barn Outlet near you it’s worth the visit. As with all outlets, it’s hit or miss but sometimes I get as many ideas of things I want to make, or how I could put some items together. It was a fun trip for sure.

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