I Love A Pretty Doormat


Bicycle doormat and rug

First impressions are everything aren’t they? Which is why I love a pretty doormat. Or a funny one. I didn’t realize just how much I loved them until I cleaned out the little cubby under the stairs. I had 10 doormats stored there.

Now, in my defense, we have 5 exterior doors.

And there  are a lot of holidays.

It occurred to me that if I love a pretty doormat, you might too.

So today I’m sharing my favorites with you!


Patriotic red truck door matPatriotic Doormat

Since Memorial Day is right around the corner and the 4th of July is just weeks away I chose this cute patriotic red truck.


Cute and pretty!

Perfect for the upcoming holidays.


rain boots doormat


Rain Boots Door Mat

Goodness knows as much as it’s rained here lately no doormat could be as appropriate as this one!

And it’s on sale right now 50% off.


Red and white striped rug

And wouldn’t the rain boots and the truck look adorable layered with this red and white striped rug?


Bicycle doormat


Bicycle Doormat

I love this one so much that I have it on my back porch.

So cute!

Blue Doormat

Blue Doormat

The next two doormats are for those of you who love color.

I’ve had this doormat before at our last home.

So you could say that it’s a favorite of mine.

The blues are so bright and pretty!

Pink and Blue Floral Mandala doormatPink and Blue Floral Mandala Doormat

This one is just so happy looking.

Who couldn’t help but smile every time that you see it?


Yay It's You doormat

Yay It’s You Doormat

For this of you who want something a little less extra, here’s a doormat that makes guest feel good.

Plus, I love that if you plan on layering it, it will go with anything.


blue and green eucalyptus rug

Like this beautiful, soft  blue and green eucalyptus rug.


Funny doormat

Funny Doormat

Okay, remember I said that I love a funny doormat?

Well, this one made me revert to my twelve year old self.

Sorry, not sorry!

I can’t help but loving it.

No matter what your tastes or personality, there are a ton of doormats and rugs to fit your style.

The only downside?

Choosing which one!

Until next time….

I love a pretty doormat

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