Problems in the Dining Room

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In my last post I shared with you my plans for refreshing the dining room. If you missed that you can find that here. Today I’m giving you an update on my progress, or rather I should say my problems in the dining room.

Problems in the dining room

It started out so well.

The curtains were cut, sewn and hung in an hour and a half.

At this point, I was thinking I was the queen of the refresh.

Oh, how the might fall!

refreshing the dining room

Next up, I started removing the material on the dining room chairs.

Now, here’s where things went sideways.


I removed the blue material, only to discover that the chairs were not covered in a white material like I thought.

Nope, instead of white, I found a very light gold color.

However, I pushed away my disappointment and consoled myself with the fact that it still looked better than the blue fabric.

Now, here’s where I have admit to my stupidity.

Apparently, when I was recovering the chairs before I took a short cut.

I must admit, that I’m not proud of this one.


Each chair has a cording at the base of the chair seat.

problems in the dining room

What I should have done is cut the material into strips, wrap it around the cord, then sew closely to the cord .

What I actually did was, instead of sewing it, I hot glued the material strips around the cord.

Actually, that works really great as long as you don’t glue the cord to the material.

problems in the dining room

However, that method is apparently too time consuming for me.

Apparently, I was so impatient that I just put glue all over the material and wrapped it around the existing cord.

Which leads me to this mess and me looking for new coordinating material to recover the chairs.

coffee table vignette

I’ve got to many problems in the dining room, so I’m taking a break to think and add some greenery to the living room


Quick fact.

Here in North Texas, in the month of February, out of 29 days, 20 were rainy, overcast or foggy.

It’s that way today. Cold and overcast.

Y’all, I’m going to need some serious light therapy soon.

That and new material for my dining room chairs!

Until next time….

Tammy from Patina and Paint

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