Recovering the Bench – Again

I’m recovering the bench – again! I loved it before, but it just didn’t seem to go with anything in my house.

Recovering the Bench - Again !

My hubs and I made this bench awhile back, if you missed it, you can find that post here.  Once it was finished, I put it up for sale.  I loved the material, but it never sold. Oh, well sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

Recovering the bench again 12

I really liked the bench so much that after awhile I decided to just keep it. One major problem. It didn’t match anything in my house. So I did what any DIY girl would do. I decided to recover the bench – again!

recovering the bench - again 5

I had some of this bright navy toile material left over from making the shams for the bed. I thought that it would be perfect for this bench.

Recovering the Bench - again 10

First thing I did was to take the bench apart and remove all of the existing material. Once that was done, I covered the bench seat securing the material with staples.

Recovering the bench -again 9

I really liked the tiny skirt that I had originally put on the bench the first time I recovered it, so I decided to put a skirt  on this time too. Making the skirt is super easy. I cut several pieces of material 4 inches wide, then sewed them together making the finished piece of material 112 inches.  Once I had the material the length that I needed it, I  made 2 1/2 inch pleats.

Recovering the bench - again 8

Once you have your pleated strip, you simply staple it to the bottom of the bench seat.

REcovering the bench - again 7

I like to hide the messy bottom of the bench seat by cutting a neutral piece of material, the size of the bench bottom, and then stapling it to the bottom.

recovering the bench - again 6

The upholstery on your bench seat is complete.  I just reapplied the seat to the chairs.

recovering the bench - again 4

I could have called the project done, but felt like the bench needed a little jewelry. I added this pom pom trim to the edge of the bench seat for a more finished look.

Recovering the bench - again 2

Isn’t the bench cute? The small size of the bench is perfect since it will be making its home in a small guest room.Recovering the bench - Again 3

I am so glad that I am done recovering the bench – again! It turned out just like I envisioned and it is perfect for the room.

Don’t you love it when a project turns out just like you wanted it to? Especially since I have a ton of projects to complete in this small guest room. Speaking of which…



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