Recovering Two Stools

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Recovering two stools has required quite a bit of motivation on my part.

Recovering? Not Reupholstering? The definition of recovering is: to restore to or return to normal or to restore ones state of mind. Since these two projects have been driving me crazy, I’m sticking with recovering!

Honestly, once I was finished recovering both stools I wanted to kick myself for not doing it sooner!

vanity stool

This sweet little vanity stool was the first one to be tackled.  Boy, did it need it! Here’s how I recovered two stools and my sanity.

Vanity stool

The paint on the back had worn off. There were stains from who knows what on the seat.  It was way past time to do something about it!


I removed the upholstered seat from the chair frame.


Gave the frame a quick sanding.

gold metallic rustoleum spray

I used my favorite spray paint in the whole world to give the frame a refresh. I love Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Gold.

removing staples

While waiting on the paint on the frame to dry, I removed the staples and fabric from the upholstery seat.

pleating fabric

I recovered the seat with a blue and white stripe  indoor/outdoor fabric.

I started by centering the fabric, then keeping the fabric taut, stapled the fabric to the seat. Repeating this step directly across from the first staple kept my fabric in place.

Working in counter clockwise direction, I gently pleat the fabric, then stapled to secure  the fabric.

Trimming extra fabric

When I had completely stapled my fabric to the seat,  I cut away any excess fabric.recovered seat

Once I finished upholstering the seat, it was time to reattach it to the stool frame.

gluing pompoms

Then, just like getting dressed in the morning, it was time to add some jewelry.

In this case, it’s pompom trim.

I love using my new cordless hot glue gun!

recovered vanity stool

So much better! I’m still working in the bathroom on multiple projects. As soon as I’m done, I promise to share my vanity stool’s new home.holes in fabric

Stool number two was the stool in my office. Something kept poking me every time I sat on it. It was ruining my jeans!

I kept putting off fixing it because I want a new one.  I just haven’t found the one I want yet.

What was poking me? Once I took a closer look, I could see tiny holes caused by staples all over the stool.

Stool number 2 was recovered using the same process that was used on the vanity stool. Except that a lot of  padding was added!

recovered office stool

So. Much. Better!


Recovering two stools took very little time and zero money.

They look so much better and I can’t believe that I didn’t do it sooner.

The hunt for a different one for the office is still on, but for now, this one works just fine!

Until next time…


Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. Ha ha Rita! Thanks… I’m loving having the stools recovered. It’s the simple things that I sometimes overlook! Must. Get. Better!

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