Knock Off PomPom Pillow

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Oh, man have we been busy here at the castle. We started what we thought would be a 2 or 3 day project, however it’s been a week since we started! In all fairness, it’s one of those do a little and wait projects. So in between work, I’ve been working on a few other projects.  I’ve been making a knock off pompom pillow, putting a new lamp in the guest bath, rearranging furniture and refreshing the wrapping closet!  I’m tired just writing this.

Isn’t this pom pillow cute? I had it in my basket when I remembered that I had a brand new pom pom maker in my office at home.  Yep, a knock off pompom pillow was in my future!

The smallest of my pom makers was larger than the poms on the pillow from Hobby Lobby, but that’s okay. I quickly got to work making about twenty of them. My plan was to do five poms across and four poms down.

Once I finished making the poms, I needed a pillow cover to attach them to. I decided to make mine, but they have  pre-made ones at Hob Lob too.

Using the wrong side of the pillow cover, I marked where I wanted to place my poms.

I used the biggest needle I could find and threaded the “tails” that were on the pompom into the needle.

Starting on the right side of the fabric, I inserted the needle through the previously marked spots, pulling the tail through to the back side.

Then tie the tails together, three or four times, to secure the pom. The knot must be bigger than the hole the needle makes.

Repeat these steps, until all poms are attached to the pillow. Insert your pillow form and you have a brand new pillow!

I honestly love how my knock of pompom pillow turned out.  As far as skill levels go, it was super easy to make the poms and attach them.

I also think that adding multi colored poms would make a super cute pillow too!

Making a pom is so addictive! I’m searching the house high and low wondering what to add a pom to next.

Until next time….


Tammy from Patina and Paint


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