Red, White and Blue Pillow

June DiY Challenge


Welcome to June’s DIY Challenge. Our theme this month is 4th of July. I love decorating for the 4th, so this challenge was right up my alley! I decided to make a red, white and blue pillow.

A great big thank you to Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip blog for hosting the DIY Challenge every month. We truly could not do this without her.

red, white and blue pillow inspiration

Have you ever looked at something and thought how cute it was?

And in the next instant thought, I could make that!

Well, this is one of those cases.

craft supplies


Felt:  red, white and blue. 3 sheets of each




Fabric Glue

Pillow cover: I got mine here at 50% off.

tracing petal template

Step 1:

Make a template.

I made my petal template using the lid of a prescription bottle.

Simply trace the bottle top onto card stock using a pencil, then add a 1/2 inch x 1/4 inch rectangle at the bottom.

Cut out your template.

Once that is done trace your template onto the felt.

When you have finished tracing your templates, cut out each petal.

Even though I didn’t use all of the petals I made, I made 80 of each color.

felt, glue and clothes pins

Step 2:

Once you have all of your felt pieces cut out, it’s time to glue the stem.

You will need felt  pieces and fabric glue.

adding glue to felt petal

Just put a small dollop of glue in the center of the rectangle.

gluing felt petals

Pinch the sides together.

Because the glue I was using didn’t dry quickly I used clothes pins to help hold them together until they dried.drawing a circle

Step 3:

To help get a wreath shape, I used a small bowl to lightly draw a circle in the middle of my pillow form.

Next, insert a piece of wax paper inside of your pillow form to keep the glue from gluing the pillow form together while you are workin on your wreath design.

Note: your pillow form should be washed, dried and ironed before starting to make the wreath.


gluing felt

Step 4:

Glue the petals to the pillow cover using fabric glue.

I used my photo of my inspiration piece to decide how many petals went where.

Gluing the petals went together pretty easy by working in sections of 4 rows.

I started with 2 white and 2 red felt pieces glued directly onto the circle.

These pieced are going sideways.

gluing felt 4 up and 4 across

Next in rows of 2 of one color, glue 4 petals up.

I feel as if by doing it this way, I did it backwards, however it was the only way I knew of to get it to start and stop where it should.

Occasionally you may have to add an extra petal here and there to fill in any holes.

Continue adding sections for 4 rows – two white and two red – on 2/3’s of your wreath.

Once you have completed the red and white rows, fill in the rest of the wreath with your blue petals.

cutting out stars from felt

Step 5:

Make felt stars.

To make sure that I had nice, crisp star shapes, I used star stickers.

Simply put the stickers on your felt and using super sharp scissors, cut around the stickers.

gluing white stars to blue felt

Step 6:

Glue the stars, here and there, on the blue felt area.

red, white and blue felt wreath

I let my felt wreath dry over night before putting a feather pillow form into my pillow.

This is an 18 x 18 inch pillow cover.

I inserted a 20 x 20 inch pillow form to fully fill out my pillow cover.

Red, White and blue pillow

Here’s my finished red, white and blue pillow!

I’m super happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to use it in my 4th of July decor.


Now I hope that you will join me in visiting Jodi from The House House to see what wonderful 4th of July inspiration she has for us!

Then be sure to head on over to all of the other participants for some red, white and blue fun!

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Red, white and blue pillow

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    1. Michelle you are so right – between cutting out all of the small pieces of felt and gluing them on I was rethinking making this pillow half way through. But I do love the finished pillow!

    1. Thank you Jodi! Since I made it before Memorial Day I was able to enjoy it through the weekend – keeping it out for Flag day thru the 4th.

    1. Thank you Terrie. I am enjoying the pillow. I would love to see yours… always love new ideas and yours are always just the best.

    1. Cindy I have to admit half way through cutting out the felt I was doubting my sanity. And I will admit that it will be awhile before I think of doing something like this again. BUT I am enjoying the finished project!

    1. Thanks Liberty, you are so right, it took much longer than I ever imagined it would. But it was a fun project!

  1. I love how your pillow turned out, Tammy! So creative and unique! What a lovely way to decorate and celebrate any patriotic holiday!

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