You Can Always Paint It

silver rabbits

On a recent trip to Home Goods I found the cutest rabbit statue for my garden. One problem. I didn’t really care for the shiny silver finish. I was about to put it back on the shelf when I did a mental head slap. I remembered that you can always paint it! This has become my mantra over the years. It seems that I always find something that I LOVE but it is the wrong color! Thank goodness I don’t mind painting.

verdegris frogs

One reason that I loved the little rabbits is because they reminded me of these cute little frogs from Grandinroad.

However, the frogs were a bit more than I wanted to pay for garden art.

I love the worn verdigris finish on these sweet little frogs!

My goal was to paint my rabbits similarly to these frogs.

copper paint


Step 1:

Give the statue a coat of copper paint.

I always consider where I will be using whatever I’m painting.

Since this will be outside, I am using a multi-surface metallic paint.

copper painted rabbits

Since it is metallic you may need more than one coat.

I painted my rabbits with 3 thin coats of copper paint.

verdegris rabbits

Step 2:

Once the copper paint is dry, it’s time to dry brush your statue with turquoise paint.

Load up your brush really well, then wipe most of the paint off on a paper towel.

Then lightly brush on your turquoise paint.

You don’t want to cover every little thing, rather hit the highlights.

You want the copper to show through.

verdegris rabbits

Step 3:

Dry brush some white paint onto the statue.

I could have left well enough alone, but the finish was a little too bright for me.

Dry brushing on a little white paint gave the finish more depth.

painting a top coat on rabbits

Step 4:

Antique the statue.

Again, the statue at this point looked good, but it just needed a little more depth and warmth.

So I added some antiquing gel.

I painted it on, then with a damp rag, immediately wiped most of it off.

Don’t add too much.

Just enough to make it look a little dirty.

Once it is dry, add a protective flat topcoat to protect your finish.

painted rabbits

My sweet little rabbits turned out so well!

I love them so much more now that they aren’t super silver and shiny.

And the change didn’t cost me a lot of money.

Just a little time and leftover paint.

My kind of makeover!

Until next time…

You Can Always Paint It

                                                          Be Sure To Pin It For Later!


    1. Thanks Terrie! I like them before but they were a bit shiny for me. I love to add a little fun to the garden beds.

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