Refresh the Laundry Room

I knew it was time to refresh the laundry room. It had a few chips in the wall paint. The backdoor to the garage was beyond the help of my magic eraser! Definitely time.

I thought I would just paint the walls and trim. However, like any refresh  here at the castle, it took on a life of it’s own.

This was the wall color before. It was a faux finish look that in retrospect reminds me of an “under the sea” theme. I loved it at the time. Now? Not so much!

This time around, I chose to paint the room Sherwin Williams Tradwind,  the same color that I painted my kitchen. I love it. You might not be able to tell by the photo, but it has a slight green tone to the blue. It reminds me of a summer rainy day. Since this room has no windows, the lighter, brighter color makes it feel more open.

Have I told you how much I hate painting trim and doors? Hate it! However, I got over myself and got busy painting.

Once all of the painting was done, I could tell that a few other things needed to be replaced. The first was the laundry room rug. Honestly, at this point I thought about adding some color in here, but once I saw this rug I knew that it was going to stay black, white and blue. I love buffalo check!!!

A new ironing board cover was definitely called for. I am hard on ironing board covers and I ‘m not entirely sure why. Believe it or not, I try really hard to keep it nice and neat.  Nope, I burn them every time.

For awhile, I made my own laundry soap. I gave that up and went back to the pods, so  I didn’t need the HUGE glass jar that housed the soap anymore. I had this cute jar with lid in my kitchen that was perfect to hold the pods! ( looking at this picture I realize that I forgot to caulk! Yikes)

After cleaning out the baskets in the room and a quick chalkboard update, the refresh of the laundry room was almost done.

Except for the wall across from the washer and dryer.  This area holds my paint smock, pool bag , gardening hat and Sadie’s many leashes. It’s a workhorse of an area for sure! I have an idea to update this area and will hopefully share it with you soon.

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  1. I love it all , Tammy. That SW Tradewind is really pretty. However, I just had a slight panic feeling when I saw your ironing board cover. I know I bought one a couple weeks ago at WM, but I must’ve left it in the store, because I don’t know where it is!

    1. On no Rita! I hate when I leave stuff at the store or can’t remember where I put it (that is so me!). Hope you find you ironing board cover!

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