Charger Makeover

Okay, I admit it, I’m weak when it comes to fall and Halloween decorations. I can’t help myself. Shopping for new items to spruce up my fall table was turning out to be a challenge, especially in the charger department. First world problem, right? Then it occurred to me, why not a charger makeover?

So, I grabbed a few items in the arts and crafts isle and got busy!

Remember these chargers that I found on sale for $1.20 each? I was lucky and Michaels still had eight of them left on sale!

A quick sand to dull the shiny finish on the chargers and I was ready to spray paint them.  I used Krylon’s Shimmer metallic paint in Candy Grape. It is such a pretty color.

I quickly realized that the purple metallic paint was going to take a billion coats to cover the chargers design. At $9.99 a can, less a 40% coupon, I wasn’t willing to buy too many of these cans. Also, the more coats I put on the darker and less sparkly the paint went on. Not what I had envisioned at all.

Pink spray paint to the rescue! I gave each charger a coat of hot pink spray paint before spraying on the metallic purple. It worked like a charm.  Although I did use two and 1/2 cans of the metallic paint for all eight of my chargers. Yikes!

This is how the charger makeover turned out. I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture but the chargers are exactly the color I wanted and as a bonus they are so sparkly without being over the top!

This place setting isn’t necessarily what I will be using on my Halloween tabIe, but I  couldn’t resist pulling out a few Halloween dishes to see how the chargers would look.

I really, really like them. I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Halloween. However, just like the Boy Scouts, I like to be prepared. So bring on Fall and Halloween. I’m ready!

Have a good week!


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