Roxanne’s Room

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Recently, my BFF Roxanne and I were complaining that we feel like a hamster on a wheel. A lot of motion, but not getting a lot done! So we decided to band together and help each other accomplish our mound of unfinished projects. Once a week, we plan on getting together until all of our projects are finished. It’s gonna be awhile! The first project would be Roxanne’s room!

Where to start? Why, with a chandelier of course. Our plan was to bling it out and we would be done! Is that what happened? No, it is not!

Rox and I were at  craft fair a few years ago and spied this beautiful chandelier. It was pink and girly and did not match the room Roxanne was decorating for her granddaughters.

Roxanne painted the chandy a fun deep green turquoise to match her bedding, but wanted to add a little lot of bling to it.

It turned out so pretty! Who wouldn’t  love this area to be creative ?( Ignore the door… more on that later!)

Now here’s where the plan deviated, but in a good way!

Roxanne has been painting this table and chairs to match the bedding. So stinkin’ cute!

In another life both Roxanne and I sold our wares at trunk shows. Roxanne had painted two folding doors for her booth’s backdrop and wondered if they could be used in place of artwork in the room?

We hauled the door up from the garage and leaned it against the wall to see if it would work.

We fell in love instantly!

So much so that we ran down to the garage and grabbed the other door and placed it by the desk.

All we need to do now is have her Hubs, Dave, attach them to the walls!

Roxanne remembered that she had some white paper star light strands. We strung those around both doors.

It turned out so cute!!! Now all we need is a little tea party!

Won’t those lights look magical to her granddaughters laying in bed at night?

Isn’t this tiny dresser and cat mirror just precious?  The mirror is a recent find from a Pottery Barn sale.  Rox’s oldest granddaughter is in LOVE with cats. After seeing that sweet mirror who wouldn’t be? This area is perfect for playing dress up!

I think we wore Miss Stella out with all the new room additions. Either that or she just likes being photographed. It’s a toss up!

Roxanne wants to add banners with her granddaughters name above and beside the bed, replace the desk chair with something more girly, add a few more decor items, and finish painting the small table and chairs.  Once those are finished, Roxanne’s room is done.

I think she is creating a room her granddaughters will love!

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