Adrianna’s Coat Rack

We all know that children’s rooms can get a little chaotic. Okay, a lot chaotic, messy,  and unorganized in a very short amount of time.  My sweet niece is getting ready to move into her new house soon, fingers crossed, and we have been working on getting her nursery decor ready for move in day for some time now. Since it’s been cold, I decided that making Adrianna’s coat rack would be the perfect indoor project for me!

We lovingly call the baby Beep, but her given name is Adrianna Paisley. I took my cue on decorating the coat rack using her name. Adrianna and paisleys! Cheesy, I know, but cute none the less. Want to know how I made the coat rack? Keep reading!


I used three boards that were equal in length that were left over from another project.

To join the boards together, I used two paint stir sticks.

I taped the sticks to the back of the boards and then drilled four holes for screws to attach and hold the boards together.

To make sure that the boards stayed together, I glued the boards together on the sides and where the stir stick would rest.

Once this was done, I put the stir stick back in place, put in the screws  and let the glue dry completely.

A quick lavender base coat and the coat rack was ready for the fun part! Painting on the design.

Here’s my finished design. I used all of the colors in the crib bedding – some of my favorite colors.

Remember the extra drawer pulls I found when I put new knobs on my black dresser?

I knew they would come in handy. They will make the perfect “hooks” for this project.

Once I figured out where I wanted the knobs to go, I simply drilled holes for the knobs.

Then screwed them in. They were a perfect fit. I guess some thing were just meant to be!

Adrianna’s coat rack turned out better than I hoped.  Not only will this be perfect for Beep’s coats, it will hold just about anything. Headbands, bags, swim suits, sweaters, hats… you name it!

I can’t wait to see it in Beep’s room!

Until next time….



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