Ryan’s RV Bedroom and Bathroom

Ryan’s RV bedroom and bathroom.

Ryan's RV Bedroom and Bathroom 12

I’ve shared a few other posts about my son Ryan’s RV reno before. If you missed it you can see it here and here.  Today I want to show you the rest of his humble abode.

Ryan's RV Bedroom and Bathroom .00

This is his bathroom. His stand at attention bathroom! It is small but it has everything you could want. A shower, vanity with mirror, toilet and medicine cabinet. Talk about making every square inch count!

Ryan's RV Bedroom and bathroom .6

Here’s another angle. Kind of hard to get great photos when a room is so small, but I think you are getting to see everything. As you can see just like the rest of the RV it is in good shape, just really dated.

Ryan's RV bedroom and bathroom .3

We painted the shower, the walls, the toilet, and the sink and counter top. We hung faux peel and stick faux tile for a backsplash. Made a new mirror ( not pictured here.. we were still working on it until recently), We made a new shower curtain and window treatments.

Ryan's RV Bedroom and Bathroom 40

Other than the vanity cabinet and the cabinet over the toilet, there wasn’t a thing in this room that we didn’t do something to! When we were done I have to say that it was light, bright and one of my very favorite things in the RV.

Ryan's rV bedroom and bathroom 9

Now for the bedroom. Again dated and the only room that had some damage. If you look really close in the upper right hand corner of the bed you can see the corner of the paneling is a different color. It’s a different color because it had water damage. After Ryan replaced the paneling that was damaged we painted the walls, bought new bedding and made new curtains.

Ryan's RV Bedroom and Bathroom.0 5

This is the wall opposite the bed. I don’t have a before picture of this wall unfortunately. It has a small cabinet with a mirror above it and  my favorite thing in the room – a second door. A fire escape! Yup, this mama was super worried about all kinds of things that could go wrong with an RV including a fire. This second door made me feel a ton better! We painted the walls and the formica top and replaced the old outlet with a new one.

Ryan's RV bedroom 3

Here’s what the bed area looks like now. New bedding with lots of colorful pillows to sit in bed and watch TV or play  video games. New curtains and valances lined with thermal and blackout lining. Again we painted all plastic pieces in the room including the air conditioner and lighting that are mounted in the ceiling.

Ryan's RV Bedroom and bathroom 7

Here’s the view from outside the “escape” door.  If you look at the bottom of the bed you will see a small curtain and an unfinished piece of wood. There used to be one fold down door here for storage. The bed platform also lifts up for access to this space.

Ryan has a cat so he made this area his cat house. Somewhere for his kitty to go and hang out. We hung a curtain over the door for privacy.  The second opening is really for storage. Since we couldn’t cut the door in half, we decided to just seal that opening off. We put a thin piece of wood over the opening and although it isn’t done here, we stained it to match the rest of the wood.

This area is now warm and cosy for both Ryan and his cat. I think Ryan’s RV bedroom and bathroom are just perfect for him!

Ryans RV greenhouse

Ryan is living in Austin, TX right now and loving it. In case you might think he might be missing doing a little DIY, think again. This is his greenhouse. It is so darn cute. Super sturdy. His goal here is to grow all of his veggies this summer.

Ryan's RV greenhouse 1

He has a good start but wants to build shelving and grow some plants vertically. Maybe add a light, irrigation and pavers for a walkway. I think he has plenty of DIY to do!

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