A Painted Porch

I’ve been busy at my sister’s bungalow again. This time with a painted porch!

painted porch 2

Just like the rest of us, my sister has been working in her yard. And trust me it’s a big job! Her house had not been lived in for four years. Which means a ton of work!

painted porch 11

This is her back deck. She hates all of the electrical work and boxes next to the door! More on that later… Her deck needed boards replaced on the deck ( which my hubs was happy to do for her) and that concrete pad obviously has seen better days! I begged her to let me paint something – anything –  on the concrete pad. My sister wanted bright colors with a lot of fun and whimsy. That’s exactly what she got!

painted porch 8

Before we could paint we needed to remove as much of the old paint,dirt, and grime that was on the concrete.  TSP was the perfect thing to clean it with.

painted porch 10

So we scraped…

painted porch 12

and scrubbed that patio until it was clean and all of the loose paint came off.

painted porch 6

Once it was dry, I drew the base pattern onto the concrete pad with a pencil and ruler. Blue tape  is perfect for taping  straight lines.

painted porch 5

Once the base colors were painted and totally dry, it was time to add all of the fun stuff!

Painted porch1

My sister chose a garden theme with a 1940’s flair for her painted porch. Lots of flowers, a night sky with dragonflies and fireflies, and garden critters – lady bugs, frogs and turtles. Truly fun!

Once all of the painting was completed we painted on a couple of poly acrylic top coats that are rated for exteriors. Hopefully this will help the painted porch last for a really long time. Or until my sister decided to change it!

painted porch 2

My sister’s concrete pad went from one great big eye sore to a bright and cute painted porch in one weekend!  She still has a few projects or a hundred to do in her backyard – like power wash and stain her deck for one. She has  been digging up long forgotten flower beds, buying new patio furniture, and pulling more weeds than you can count.  It already is starting to look like a place that you would want to sit and stay awhile. I can’t wait to see it when it is all done!

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  1. Tammy, this is fun!! Your sister in law is so lucky that you helped her do something like this. I love the dragonflies and bright flowers.

    Thank you for sharing at Thoughts of Home. Pinning and sharing on Facebook. 🙂

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