Santa Mugs and Bottle Brush Trees


Santa Mug with arrangement

Happy third Thursday of the Month! The third Thursday means that it’s time for the Creative Craft Blog hop. Which is always so much fun!!!  Today I’m sharing a quick and easy Santa mugs and Bottle brush trees!

I’d seen these mugs around for years and thought they were cute.

I love the vintage/ retro vibe.

Creative Craft Hop Graphic

Before we get started I’d love to say thank you to Sara from Birdz of A Feather for hosting this hop every month. Please give her some love and head on over to see what fun things she has going on!

Also, if you are visiting here from Cecilia’s My Thrift Store Addiction thanks for stopping by. We always love it when friends drop in for a little fun.

Now let’s get started!

Santa mug supplies


Santa Mug

Bottle Brush Tree Pick


Berry Picks


Hot glue and glue gun


Embellishments: ornaments, bells etc.

Small white tinsel

Santa mug with styrofoam

Step 1

Add a piece of styrofoam to the bottom of the mug using floral tape or hot glue.

adding a bottle brush to a santa mug

Step 2

Start by adding the tall items.

Place your bottle brush tree pick into the styrofoam.

Then add any tall picks you may wish to use.

Adding berries to santa mug arrangement

Step 3

This step should have been my first one.

However, I wasn’t sure I would need it so decided to wait.

I glued this white tinsel to the top of my mug to hide the styrofoam.

Step 4

Add in the embellishments.

This is where you have fun.

Poinsettias, jingle bells, vintage ornaments and greenery are all perfect decor for this vintage style arrangement.

Step 5

Fill in any holes.

Make sure that you look at all sides of the arrangement for “holes”.

If you find any, add in greenery, berries etc. to fill in those areas.

Step 6

Add a bow.

Adding a bow to the handle is the perfect way to finish off this arrangement!

Santa Mug with arrangement

Can you say Santa mugs and bottle brush trees please?

I hope that you enjoyed this easy tutorial and invite you to visit Sara’s Birdz of A Feather  with me to see

Don’t forget to hop on over to all of the other participants to see what they have created this month!

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Until next time…


Santa Mugs and Bottle Brush Trees Please!

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  1. I’m right there with you on the cute factor of these mugs. I love Christmas decor that has a vintage vibe and I’m so obsessed with this Tammy!

  2. Tammy, I adore your winking Santa mug all decked out for the holidays–pinned! I have a white Santa mug that I love to pair with different bottle brush trees. Yours is too cute! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. I love the project, but you mat want to omit gluing the tinsel to the cup. The red on the vintage cups were not fired like the other colors because the heat changed its tint. The red was added after firing and is easily removed. That is why some the vintage Xmas figures are missing parts of the red especially in Santa’s coat. Can you recommend using something besides hot glue?

    1. Thanks for the tip Rhonda… thankfully this is a new replica that just looks vintage. I agree, I would have had second thoughts about glueing on a true vintage mug. Honestly, If you put in enough greenery around the edges you probably wouldn’t even need the tinsel on the top. Again, thanks for the tip about the vintage mugs!

  4. Found you via Apple Street Cottage. This is off the charts cute! I save every tiny bit and bob and literally have the exact pieces in my stash + a vintage Santa cup right now. I can’t wait to put one together. Thanks for the great idea! I’m off to roam around your blog…

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